Dr Drum

Dr-8 Drum Machine

New electronic counter friability Campbell tablet should replace the bulky, cumbersome and expensive models on the market. Brittleness has become a recognized standard in the pharmaceutical industry for the determination of the tablets, resistance to abrasion and shock experienced in production, packing and shipping operations. Campbell electronics Friabilators FT-20 and 20 - FTA in accordance with USP specifications and other requirements. Standard FT-20 works with a constant speed of 25 ± 1 u/min. can be used to perform one or two drums of test/abrasion drum break one or two. These models can be used drum and abrasion with a tensile strength for comparisons between the two parameters in the same conditions of execution. Similar to when the construction of brittleness FT-20, 20 - FTA differs only in included speeds between 20 and 75 rpm installation and printer interface. Main features. Tablet-resolution-Tester-DR-8 provides the latest technology for testing. Design combines the excellent production with modern techniques, guaranteed reliability and high performance. Resolution of all latest meters in accordance with European standard, the United States and the corresponding pharmacopoeia. Agitator efficient, compact and weight light Tablet resolution is half of DR - 8 to try a robust unit with eight ships and a ship to replace the probe. simple, easy to use controls. It is ideal for the routine of R s & and quality control. The design of the device to the user on the basis of these functions, he said, both in ideal resolution tester. DR - 8 is designed for clarity and to maximize the visibility and access to the critical sampling area on water focused on these factors influence the eccentricity, the development and alignment was moved to reduce the procedure to validate the number of the machine. Drive motor is speed stepping motor control with its micro-based controller always ensures a (better) accuracy ± 2% of automatic control and compensation for all derivatives of the velocity preset 2 times per second. DR - 8 check the temperature with a pump for delivery of bathroom and heating, which the device can be quickly removed for maintenance of all meters. The heating circuit controller has better precision ± 0.2 ° C ensures a constant and homogeneous heat distribution in the bad bath water.DAS that everything is designed so that the water in the tank will now be the movement without resolution, in order to obtain a uniform temperature throughout the bathroom. Bath temperature, all the time can be controlled with probes of PT 100 temperature which are intended for this purpose. An external sensor is used to control the temperature inside the test vessel. Designed to record the actual speed, temperature and diversion with values already defined in user programmed intervals during the consideration of the press. It is controlled by a membrane keyboard, easy to use under blue light 20 x 4 LCD screen, which makes the instrument as well as the electronic modular and easy to maintain. Many users have criticized that its existing tester with complex and unnecessary software for everyday use for meals is very crowded. For this reason, it has received in order to verify the great attention of the design, which has been the number of shares, you must perform a minimal test. While the test is the display shows the following information: date, time, away from the loop (no step) / total number of cycles n., real and nominal-u/min, temperature and duration of the current cycle and the time elapsed. An audible alarm informs the user, at the end of the cycle and the test was conducted. DR - 8 is equipped with a standard parallel printer to the report expression port consists of the date and time of the initial date of test and at the end of the method of examination, serial number of the unit, calibration, as well as the speed and the temperature in the test and sets the values of intervals selectable operator during the review provided. ,,.