Dr Drum

Dr Drum Los Alamitos

I came to this restaurant Los Alamitos milestone since 20 Jahren.Dies is great. I came to milestone this restaurant Los Alamitos was 20 Jahren.Dies a great choice for seafood, steak, good food, excellent service, dates, theme, Don EtcThey evening ' t, take reservations, vacation etc. or a weekend and I hope that 30 minutes of waiting.  You have a game of checkers between gastronomy and Seafood Grill, so that when you open ' Griff.Alimentos appetizers: steamed clams with Jalapeno, I recommend (or not spicy to it).  Mussels are excellent, and the soup is based on ' in it is amazing.  It comes with tasty cheese sauce garlic dip with bread and butter.  You want to enjoy every bit of the soup.The Fried Calamari is excellent, very light and crispy in the tasty dinner Tintenfisch.Zum stock/NET I sometimes cute shrimp.  You have the dishes of the day, which do not deceive.  My mother bring César salad shrimp Bay.  Alternatively, the article is on both sides with the Essen.Vielleicht the best of New England (white) - clam chowder.  It has ', known as the world's largest ' soup ' n t summer and is Aynwhere ' known ' game.  Fish soup has soft chunks of clams, potatoes and other vegetables, but ' creamy and Milky flavour that makes you enjoy the real taste of umami. the desserts are delicious too.all.  Not share the ice + ComboThe single hit is berries fresh, after you started and you can clam chowder completo Las are a good Grosse.normalerweise always carry to visit friends/relatives in the city and my family and my courses for festive occasions.  Greatly recommended!. This restaurant is a must in the city of Los Alamitos. It has been ' here for a long time as a souvenir. They ' vision never extended beyond this restaurant, because according to their website, they want to make sure that the service and food are top-notch and have a single layer as a result.My brothers and I took our father here on a combination of ' anniversary (anniversary is on the weekend of Memorial Day) and the celebration of father's day. Everyone, we have met an afternoon (' father s day) and as expected, was full. There were many people inside and outside the restaurant to wait. : - OI ' m the only one in our party who did not ' fish and seafood. I ordered a hamburger and French fries, and considering it as a seafood restaurant, it was very good. All the others had seafood and everything else, I liked what they had. I have ' look was a (white) before New England Clam Chowder and ' fantastic, although I ' m is not a fan of seafood. I finished by please a large jug home with taking me. I also took a couple of rolls are used because they were fresh. As has been said, this award is a little outdated. When can you ignore and focus on the food and the service is not bad '.The service and food are excellent. Our server was very friendly and competent and ensured that I really enjoyed our meal.Parking here is if you have a nightmare he is busy to '. When I arrived, I finished parking around the end of the building and a good time all had to reach a long distance to the door of the restaurant but, and this is ' what counts at the end. :-). (2) provide libraries and requested a table above. Impressive AtmosphereThis is the dilemma of the formidable 3.5 stars, we wanted to do. While some aspects were good were the little things that add up to less stellar things ExperienceFirst before to a. Just because it's hot, your beer should always work. Fly beyond ridiculous. We we are sitting on the terrace as well as what looked like fly-fishing in Los Alamitos.  We asked the Manager a movement of ShouldersService were nothing special, but continuous. With all the heat killed the beer a load would have wished our ice water has been.  The salad was good and the rumour was that there are dressing blue cheese (in very small quantities. But it was more cold beer!) Good job, but with the moulin à poivre by our maître d ' Hôtel.  We had salmon special journal. Play well.  The tuna AHI Fiji was closer to rare bleeding which promises. Nice, but nothing SpecialAs of this framework agreement, but by this time knife price that we had hoped something special! ,,.