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I was skeptical on a drum that was one-tenth the cost of the command of his brother drum. But we were surprised to learn that it works so well, and more fun, I recommend this brand to all our friends and colleagues. The drum works well. However, after a short use this appliance indicates the drum at the end of its life and should be replaced. I do not know that, otherwise the battery for electrical machinery power because so far satisfactory will continue to work. Bass did not work as expected, but my copy, I need. I'm still working on the problem solved. A very good price. After replacing the drum unit, continue the replace message the drum unit soon on? I do not know which is why this unit non - OEM or what is history, or if HRT has been renovated and has a limited duration. Imports at the beginning of the clip, which was filmed on the roof of the building of Bacardi, where Enrique García and Emilio Estefan for short time worked, Gloria Estefan singing and dancing on the roof of a tall building in front of the frenzied crowd. Estefan asked Dr. beat, dancing constantly by the composer and drummer Enrique García, to help their desire to heal is interpreted. Dr. beat takes you from the scene at the hospital, as Estefan performs a choreography on the road. In the clinic, Dr. beat conducts surveys and Estefan performs surgery. In the end, a radio-cassette in fans of Este is removed. (1984) the song was written by the most important composer of the band and drummer Kiki Enrique García and published in 1984 in the world in all a success. Comments on the machine-Dr. beat rhythm Boss Dr 880: realistic drum sounds & looks as if you play in a group. My first session of practice of the DR-880 took four hours, it was hard to stop having fun. The fingertips of the guitar strings were angered by three days, but it is a good thing! I have no enjoyed my group of 60 days. You should have bought it a year ago, have! Comments to rhythm Boss Dr 880 machine Dr-rate: I had at least three different drum, for reasons that also always bring back. Finally, some show and order. Two hours playing with my guitar in him when he arrived. Now I have the manual to read perfectly. I see that some people will say that the memory is short. I think it is time to learn to use MP3s on my solo concert. Here for Yoursel play along rhythms, you never thought that you want to play. I really like the clean guitar and jazzy seems the best thing that comes with it. Finally buckles battery, which can be used. For me at least. They put the piano's strings to this man would be the killer. Back to jam. Comments on the machine-Dr. beat rhythm Boss Dr 880: first of all the good news, a good bass drum and sound kit. Unfortunately, it has serious limitations. First of all, there is no any driver for Windows Vista 64-bit. So if you want to play through six DR-880 the software on your computer and you, you need to buy a separate MIDI interface. While disk-MIDI files can be imported, it is not possible to export in the form of MIDI files drum patterns. You can use only the DR-880 as any escalation. It also has a very limited Speicher.Auf page 76 of the manual that it says it can hold up to 100 songs with up to 500 templates for each song. It is perhaps true, if the songs are not very complicated and have many of the same models who are always and always again on several occasions, but if the songs are more complicated are behind the fast memory. Downloaded dozens of files MIDI machine and are currently not enough memory. You have the microphone, to manage, if you want to store in memory. Comments to rhythm Boss Dr 880 machine Dr-rate: I bought rhythm Chief Dr DR - 880 rhythm machine, a week ago and he cannot play with this little gem. They have a bunch of drum preloaded and shots down as well as jam, or change freely. I'm a bass player, so I bought the practice as an excellent tool if you do not have a real drummer to play. As well as songs loaded playing, fully track volume, hiking trails of the drum and the creation of my heavy jams twist to the touch with drums. This is a great resource for the practice of their time at different times. In addition, there are a variety of styles of song and the effects on your guitar, or under one of very creative you can jam! However, I keep this drum machine in my arsenal of toys for a long time to come! In general, it is the major unit. There is a reason why there are still after 7 years on the market.There is one thing that is good properties Roland/boss. The Set accessor for this unit, the number of products of Roland, is so deep that it is not only necessary to maintain a manual in the absolute but a guide. The machine in the simpler and more intuitive method can be used at the same time, possible.EZ dial allows you to create models of four configuration settings. It's everything. You can a model of drums, bass and looks in less than a minute. Later, can do a deeper dive and change of step of the registration or recording in real time mode. Someone said that it is not possible with respect to the export of MIDI drum patterns. You have a MIDI - interface, it can easily capture edition of one of your models for your DAW or MIDI sequencer in real-time, is a little misleading.Bass drum, percussion, and bass sounds are that you have had with this unit. It could go 7 years, but he plays the same battery. Alesis SR-16 is still also sells and ten years older than the DR-880.I had a metal for this box. It is made of plastic and I love without gears. If you keep it in the Studio, then OK. But each trip on the stage requires a decent case. The buttons appear safe to keep. There is no other quality care.An excellent value. I have a lot of money for drum samples and sequencing software cannot do without going through my computer with me. Interface and workflow are perfect for a no Baterista like me. The highest value is deducted from the sum of all time, when creating parts from low compared to complicated programming, use it to register my sequencer and drum samples and software. I have a basic structure of the song above and in a few minutes. Comments on the machine-Dr. beat rhythm Boss Dr 880: the quality of the sound of the drums and are among the first.The guitar input [I'm a Godin solid nylon] tweak, surprising a stamp or two for her looks.Play the device about two medium with systems of subwoofer additional per year. People on the Christmas party, his music resembles a CD player. How I would love to see more memory or an update is available. He bought a second unit. It depends on this device. That made me a better player. I love to create their own using the drop-down list of hype. Add VoiceLive 2 for voice and sound like, 4 or 5, I started at the same time. ,,.