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All you have to do is the battery outputs connect to the loudspeaker inputs of the module, connect the satellite speakers to the left and right speaker (loudspeaker cables included) fit the desired quantity to depression (bass) and tapas (satellite), the volume and play. The bass reflex subwoofer 50w reproduces also the deepest drum or guitar sounds low, so that to sit in the background and the electronic Kit feel more like an acoustic Kit. Your electronic drum set to true the MS-50 DR amplified stereo, so that you not only hear but also feel what you touch. The MS50DR is the ideal system for any electronic drum kit in Bajo-medium volume as your House or apartment. Worst purchase is always the third attempt by black drum Ordinarmi with your company. Continue to each drum that I ordered and replaced look like a bad drum, which need is a replacement recycled drums? Does not seem to work, my three brothers on a printer. This will be my last order from Office Depot. I need the battery to get a refund for all three I bought by your company. Very satisfied customer. Thank you very much. 9 September 2013혼다 good drive, this drive must be replaced, in the models of our brother, which we have. This works well. The only thing that I don't like, is to replace the toner and drums on all drives of his brother. It seems that the accumulation. If you have one of these units, are to replace him. on April 21, 2014. You can also import other songs or music that Dr. can completely change in the drum software. This means, you can download your favorite hits and they rearrange as you To want to achieve professional results.Another advantage with drum Dr is the addition of voice or their tracks not low sound quality are Very good possible historical instruments. It can be mixed in thousands of samples of titles available on software for the music even more successes.When you are ready to select your professional sound found music that you can download them directly on YouTube directly into the dashboard software, how to share their new musical talents with the world! You have made me, you already made loops and beats of the music, but I tried Not yet and something like drum Dr Thank you for the interesting information! The fourth kind is a Very much specific type of machine, online, under the name to beat drum Dr. This new music software is PC - and Mac compatible, because it is up to Web-based and easy to use! It has the latest instruments, favored by professional DJs and sound instruments of many types with special effects. Does Dr. drum without an Internet connection on the computer? Or is it a Web application online? I could not To find anything on the website. See us in action up here, Dr beat maker online drum is easy to beat an exceptional music program. Is his a cheap music mixing table, and I can honestly recommend Dr. drum as the best software available today! Even if A few negative points to mention, removed for cosmetic this be how online producer to beat. leads.Dr changed drum which adapt their songs kind and wise musician of grass and professional DJ, no expensive equipment to buy.Check drum today to see out Dr, what the party! Holding on to their seats, because rock with his fists! Drum Dr is an offer for a limited time available for less money than a night on the town. Waiting for you, start their own sick beats produce today! The best features of Dr. drum is a studio-quality sound and muffled bass is in every genre of music can best be done. This, combined with the incredible diversity of the drum, each with a full 12-Kit configuration key you can larger databases that share most terrible of his creations with the world.Not recommended yet unique rhythms, instruments can also choose a full keyboard 4 octaves, piano and organ, guitar, SAX and a huge list of sound effects your music originality added. Booster packs are also to improve your music library if you wish.Even if you have the possibility to create a rhythm of the music, that you To want. Dr. drum quickly became the most popular online beat. To create the rhythms of the music like a pro? It can create late quickly and easily now professional music in line with this incredible music software.Practically can begin kidding at all at first, even if you are a beginner. This is the beauty of this software is compatible with PC or Mac, Very much easy to use, the beat maker online buy expensive Studio equipment without any worries.Waste not your hard earned money on A few musical programs that perform the best. By this report explain clearly how Dr what exactly is included in the price, and my honest opinion on the before - and disadvantages, so that they can make their own decision information.?We examine carefully drum Dr It may seem intimidating at first, but this is far from the truth. Another negative point is, that I the vertical scroll bar, the any key in plays for better viewing in bright red.In General, the beauty of this music software is that which has to produce it in his hands for graphics pad without complicated instructions and training meets. In fact, when I bought a drum-solo-Dr, which I tried for 30 minutes to see how music software and decent track the line at sea without any change was fast.All buttons and controls are friendly on original research 16-track sequencer, unlike Dr. drum and other complex software, which is used by artists and recording studios that Dr. drum has detailed step by step video training for music launched out-of-the-box use!With Dr. drum, the sound quality is amazing, it is real only, does not, as A few TVs-MP3 effects of distorted sound and suppressed, or adjust the volume settings All the time. Soon you come rocking rhythms and musical creations to life right in front of his eyes, and Ohren.In of fact, will your friends think they are to hide a recording studio when they hear the bass from your room, but is that the only one who knows has made possible drum and the computer by Dr. ,,.