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Is a genuine OEM Produkt.Schnelle benefit. It already uses my old drum rest his brother drum yet screen is the end of life. Published 10 months ago by Alfaoutlet. This drum is bad brother DR-520-2, I bought. I have a drum error message twice, when I went to install the new drum. The customer service was worse than useless: they say that you've done probably been so 5 times according to the instructions and then say when ordering a replacement for a new unit of the brother, is guaranteed for 3 months from the date of purchase. My brother (MFC 8670 DN, a very beautiful machine) started me in December saying that the drum came out. So I bought a new drum. Now, I have to change the drum. Others will not work. Brother said warranty of 90 days of the day, I bought and not the date on which it was installed. Also exchanged good drum for 25 000 pages should every 6 months.This time and the last time I put a new bad drum, I ordered just a replacement that works. Brother says nothing to do. My advice to himself and others, and then buying spare parts, no name and toner drum. Brother toner and drum are 2 - 3 - 4 times as expensive as the names, but the numbers of support extra null and sometimes things, the same work. Update are not 2013I finally he wrote about the problem with the battery to his brother in the United States and serves on the Japan. In fact, HQ meets the United States. Have been useful and possibly a replacement battery (more than one free toner cartridge), welcomed you so full of brand. So in general, the MFC 8670 - would customer 5 star service DN 0 my brother and my brother HQ 3 stars (good for incorrect scheduled leave unusable examinations). Brother DR520 drum known as 25000 pages typical use. It was 9000 on the left side of the paper began, have a permanent black band, received the largest and more wide. Blow was 10000 pages, snare drum, exhausted, as they say here. I give you all the drum star five. On the other hand, replacement and emphasis fell as news, so a five - to facilitate the substitution. In general, a hotel three stars are the average of the two. I'm surprised at the negative reviews for the brother of battery brand to see. I'm on my second an MFC all-in. The first man gave me the reliable use to 78,000 copies, before his death (fusion evil unit) and I went right away and another brother, bought to replace. My current model is MFC-8860DN and I had 26,000 copies in this regard. During these a few hundred copies began to make a cracking noise and my copies, knowing that it was time to replace the drum, continued and that ordered to fold easily. If you try a version no secondary market under 10,000 copies, so I use the brand or the brother 'renewed', when it comes, the battery took. We have copies of 20,000 time in my last printer battery and 25,000 in the present. I do not know what I expect at this price. I bought my drum of this site, I found somewhere else for less. I like Brother printer, because they are very easy to fill toner cartridges. Buy toner for most of an auction site and are able to complete each cartridge about 3 times before you start to see a loss of quality. Between the cost of ink is original brother of low cost and high performance OEM battery, I Skate not expensive! The quality is better. There this drum and toner cartridge, it is almost the same price as the toner and drum to be purchased separately. So who needs of a toner and drum at the same time as the printer should buy since it's free as a printer. I have two drum units. It was disappointed that the drum was denied after about 8000 titles. I have toner on the drum cylinder is built. The problem was solved by replacing the toner cartridge not the drum. It is maybe defective cartridges cause premature failure of the drum. The drum has been a total failure. Each document or print my printer has a dark film on each side. Posted 10 months ago by Mary Kubes Fund Disastified. These barrels, they cost an arm and a leg, and it is the best value as possible to find this replacement part drum. Published 5 months ago by Riverbend. This drum works well for me. Lasts for 6 months or approximately 30 000 pages and is an acceptable Lebensweise.Was, many people do not know is that the purchase other similar printers at the end pay more for your toner and drums much because the part of the toner drum cartridge is. Brother divided by lowering the cost of toner Kassetten.Ich annual found + Toner Drum for HL-5240 costs about 30% less than that of a similar HP toner. It's the third drum for our brother printer that we ordered as new. Were in fact all reason for re - Manufacturados.Der I know why I'm not new, is King battery produces is not clear, please the menu code printer replace drum soon and if you check the drum, toner may still in the drum of the last time it was used.Looks real, but when the box is opened, the bag is, that goes in the drum, not factory sealed by his brother, but in fact, folded and pasted.Not worth it wants in the future return, but unfortunately the filing because they are still capable of seem ordering office, to sell the new battery.Thanks for asking for my guests, but I'm not good arbitrators, I fear, Charles Barry McIlvainTradeForce StaffingPortland, Oregon. ,,.