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The boss DR-880 is guitar and effect processor an Programación mightily with world-class drum, percussion, and bass sounds from Roland's famous SRX library (finally!).The DR-880 also contains an impressive collection of original signals, significant impact (3 missions) and environmental parameters as the study. The canvas is really impressive, the standard rate immobile, until you see that the DR-880 offers new method first in the creation of the model over time. This is a big step forward. Instead the specifications or from scratch, drum set, tools are actually layers by choosing between various models. For example, if you start note 16 on the scale pan, seeking a feeling with different variations of this slot before. Then add the other layers. You can quickly customize only note for note the model without programming effort. In the end, you need to be a guru of upcoming programming with original and realistic grooves.An even more realistic programming is the function edit Groove, where multiple Groove can be applied and the trio feels fast. Fillers and Ghost notes, with an emphasis on metals can be added automatically.Guitar & bass players can connect through the action directly with the input of the guitar or bass, the DR-880 to join and play on the drive/amp model integrated multi-effects and COSM. Don't underestimate the quality of sound here – is a GT6! Anyone who has bought one of the most popular head multi-fx (for $ 500) will appreciate how this amp models. The DR-880 as front-end to the sound of her Gitarre. Geben digital output with the chord changes, so that weak lines follow your songs and the end of Spiel. Sie have 20 keys for speed, 400 sounds, 1000 models 100, kit, four assignable footswitch and expression pedal, two individual outputs digital outputs inputs (finally!). The USB port can easily to store your work on your computer.BOSS DR-880-work. World class sounds like a remarkable collection of high-quality new custom tones, created for the DR-880. But the leader feels not; Some of the most famous sounds of her famous Roland SRX library were added to the DR-880-PA, as well as the sounds of electric and synth bass. Full Kit, a world full of rhythm and Groove barrels, Studio, sparkling and deep exotic percussion and standard is at your fingertips. Guitar/Bass guitar and bass direct can join the action by connecting directly into the guitar/bass Jack DR-880-entrance. Guitarists can play through car models/COSM amp incorporated and multiple effects like chorus/Flanger/Phaser, delay and reverb. Guitar (acoustic), DR-880, an acoustic processor, chorus and reverb. For bassists, Compressor/Limiter, delay and chorus/Flanger/Phaser, COSM amp models helps prepare the bass lines very good taste. You can contact EZ the DR-880 microscopic write, but you also have the option, the one-way flight with three episodes of EZ buttons on the front, making the original stress free templates for compose note programming note. Model mode, you can select and combine to create the preprogrammed phrases to new models. Press to select models of chord progression the chord progression. With the fill color button, fill library record can select and paste it in the template. The library contains a variety of phrases, from simple fillings to euphoric breaks. Guitar amplifiers including outboard motor was connectivity game through headphones or the pathway of DR-880 on the choice of registry entry or reinforcement. Fast output parameters you can output mode to facilitate easy access to the outside world. Exit regardless of guitar accompaniments, or independent cycle and allows two individual outputs. The DR-880 has two stereo pedal/controller inputs; up to four foot switch can be connected via a cable 1/4-inch stereo cable (sold separately). One of the boys pedal/controller expression pedal compatible, so you can connect an EV-5 (sold separately) for guitar, volume or Wah effects playback. The DR-880 is also an S/PDIF digital output and a USB port for MIDI software and the importation of SMF data. The channel changes its Groove Groove change, which applies different Groove trio feels your deepest habits with function. Select the models that include and static models simply realistic sensation of inject. Ghost notes can be added automatically by selecting the Ghost-note phrases that have been programmed in DR-880. ,,.