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When I die, my love, sing no sad songs for me; Planting of a thousand roses on my head, nor shady Cypress: you be the green grass above me with showers and Dewdrops wet; And if you want, memories and wish to forget. I see shadows, I feel no rain; I hear the Nightingale sing on pain: and dreaming through the twilight, she created or defined, Haply and perhaps remember. (1862, Christina Rossetti, poet, 1830-1894, Italian) I welcome the suggestions of poems and other works, which with the previous expressions, questions, inspiration and comfort, etc., with those in quantities of my grave and wines are aligned. . Bass said that poetry can be advanced as follows after some analysis and coding of the coating in alphabetical order in the Holy Scriptures. . No attribution the authorship of the document there is no service Memorial Veterans of the Kingdom of Spain. The document is very important, but as first (that I know) does not remain published version of the poem on my grave and wines. It is not twelve poetry at the memorial site, compatible with many other official documents and historical depictions of the poem, but eleven lines, containing line feed, like the soft star lights in the night (or equivalent), which appears in many other official releases, including the famous Schwarzkopf paper version and the version of the Portsmouth Herald printed below. As we will see later, said Mary Frye, his original poem contains fourteen lines. However, if you believe that this applies not thin. If you slightly before 1938. I remember when I went into the silent land went far away; If it is no longer possible to expect the page or half-step fail to more rust. I remember when no more day by day our future, say that you planned: only reminds me; Understanding it is late, and then recommend or pray. However, if you forgot for a moment and then I remember, don't you grieve: because when darkness is a vestige of the thoughts that, as soon as I had corruption, be better largely forgotten and smile that you will remember and be sad. (1862, Christina Rossetti, poet, 1830-1894, Italian) Rossetti poetry, song (if I die, my love), published in 1862 which offers more similarities and inspiration. Here, a different version of the do is supported not my grave and wines and that seems popular in the Internet in the world and, as in the verse's friends divided thousands of times. Apparently there is this version (Thanks Anne) since the late of 1990s and probably earlier. It is that the other versions - this is an example - the origins of the 'native' suspicion of highlighted that the charm of this particular task is very popular, but incorrect (probably). Indian prayer will give you these thoughts keep, am I with you yet do not sleep. I am the thousand winds giving 01 reflexes of the diamonds in the snow blow, I am the light of the Sun on refined grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. Wake up in the morning, quiet birds in circled flight are the swift uplifting rush. I am the soft stars light the night. I don't think me as gone-but-I'm with you to each new beginning. (Usually the allocation of States 'Author unknown') Thanks Anna for this version and carrier. If you use this version, which is probably appropriate to say that it fits by unknown persons of the original poem Mary Frye stand not to my grave and wines, generally attributed to, in 1932. If you know that this particular adjustment source please tell me that the appropriate credit can be given. From the research perspective, something is messy, but in terms of the human response and spiritual, a very powerful and convincing, watch is as shown. Earlier versions can not remain also in its place under the title on my grave and wines. It is a matter of personal taste, but the version is not supported. is consistent with the statement by Mary Frye and common interpretations. The full does not stand. It is perhaps also balanced rhythmic and poetic and abridged version is not supported. Because no clear final version (though it is), it is a matter of personal taste, what should be used, and the selection is huge, with each new adaptation of the verse and each new musical version. It is therefore likely keep the secret and magical resources to pay. The secret has contributed to the appeal of the poem without a doubt. It is also likely that the poem will affect more people, so that people touched and inspired by Max Ehrmann. . The poem is anonymous in the Portsmouth Herald of 1968, which strongly suggests that the author unknown to the people by one the element for the assignment of Moore to the verse of poetry no arguments,. I am interested in all information and memories of the existence of poetry before 1970 and pre-1950. If you write one, especially with the test or have print (excerpts from newspapers, books, poems, etc.). . I'm open for suggestions and corrections for this and other aspects of you to stay do not in my grave by poetry and tears and its origins. . These notes are interesting, but also some of the following evidence indicating how certain words, language and images may cause, strong human reactions, which occur in reference are ' are not on my grave and weeping, as if on instinctive, inborn or genetic level. Thethra (based on the old British/Celtic folklore), said graves is a King of the country under water, since browsers assume that they are originating. Sidhe regarded the fairies, but in the first poems, were the Irish lived as a people of warriors and poets (at the time of writing of the tomb), amounting to (Castro), is highly educated and on the rise, especially the new barn at the Boyne. An allusion to the trenches, the parallels between the Sidhe warriors and mythical tribes. Sidhe apparently had curly hair of tattoos, long yellow eyes and face pale, blue, white door shields and was sexually promiscuous, but without guilt or shame. Apparently, graves says, the Mosynoechians (wood-Castillo - the inhabitants of the ') on the coast of the Black Sea were also tattooed, wore white and shields ' reached the sexual act in public, probably even without guilt or shame. It was a world of men then course. For me, the comparison between the Irish Sidhe and media of Mosynoechians of the black hand, is assessing sea sense spiritual and mythological images of human existence indispensable. then can be inherited like now - and somehow genetically, partly through the spoken and written word. The ancient history of the Boyne is compared with recent 1690 Battle of the Boyne. Boyne is located in County Meath, North of Dublin, on the North East coast of Ireland. Boyne is the Web page of Brú na Bóinne, also known under the name of Brugh na Bóinne, meaning 'Palacio o' of the Boyne. BRÚ na Bóinne a room, settlement and ceremony more than 5000 years ago is put into perspective, there were at least 3,000 years before Jésus Christ child to the glory of God, an eye had, if he forgives me about blasphemy. My Slieve is a chain of mountains of Kerry. Sliabh mish-name of a Celtic Princess mythological Irish is characterized by its cruelty. ' Tooth is a horn. Graves suggest that seven teeth on seven points could refer to a flag pole the deer have six or more points on each antler and at least seven years genuine, was regarded as a deer even though it explains the importance of a genuine 'deer', later. Still more interesting graves says that the poem in its original form (or was close to determine the original form as graves) would probably ' water-in other words, his esoteric (thin, purist) would disguise the importance. In other words, the intentional meaning was hard to decipher, for security reasons. The meanings hidden in the poem is widely used, but in modern times it is for purposes of assessment or art sensual or subliminal. Graves suggests that the meanings hidden in ancient Celtic poetry, Amor song is an example, since different impact strategic, even sinister, as poetry is a tool of managerial or supervisory bodies and their hidden meanings applicant selected few who knew that the code. Graves decodes as follows, maps song Amor gene the declarations of the first verse in the main calendar of thirteen months and his ideas on the system of the Druids letters, (for reasons too complex, around here be explained) attached to trees with the letters and the months of the year. Do not stand at my grave and WeepI am not there; Not sleep.I am the thousand winds that a 01 reflexes of the diamonds in the snow blow, I am the light of the Sun on refined grain, I am the gentle autumn Regen.Wenn waking up the RushOf uplifting morning HushI's quiet fast birds flying around. I am the soft glow of the stars in the night. Not'm not there; on my grave and wines, I I'm not dead. In his interview with Kelly Ryan broadcast followed by Radio-Canada in the year of 2000 confirmed Mary Frye in the interpretation than the original version. The version is very different than previous versions. Note especially the other four (11-14) and now 'do' in the last line. I personally find fascinating between the symbolism of the connections of Amor gene song and poem of the funeral amounted to my grave and wines. I can not explain exactly how and why they really work these connections, or even if they do exist, but I find intuitively compelling, commonly known as her pictures, the pace and the deep symbolism of the fundamental forces of life. As always, I appreciate the comments and develop these ideas by people who are much smarter than me. In October 2002 will be the important pop composer of Geoff Stephens wrote a very interesting overview of Ms Kelly, results and dissemination, fascinated by the poetry and its own version of the song book of poetry titled all my love to restore. Unfortunately no longer available Geoff Stephens Web pages. If I can arrange the gas supply materials on this site, I will. I stress once again, the best evidence that it is, IT the origins is not to complain about poetry on my grave. Dispute some of these sources, as also the strict research established. But if and when they appear better tests, statement by Mary Frye the strongest. . Don't be in my grave to mourn.There are. Not dormir. 1, I am the thousand winds to do the blow, I am the reflection of the diamonds on the Schnee.Ich am the light of the Sun on refined grain, I am the gentle autumn Regen.Wenn you wake up in the morning's HushI am the swift uplifting RushOf quiet birds in circled flight. I am Estrella tipsy sweet in the night. Don't stay on my grave and wines. There are. I'm not dead. Changes in the version of Herald of Portsmouth, 1968, of the printing press by Schwarzkopf: a colon after scream. Stop (period) instead of semicolon there. Stop (period) after the 'snow'. Sol instead of Sun. Wake up instead of awakening. 'Upflinging' instead of 'lift'. Soft star shines in the Nuitau instead of ' soft star the lights at night. A colon after Scream.Stop (period) instead of semicolon not there in the last line. The reasons for these differences is anyone guess. . ) indicates that Mary Frye is the author of the first version, which was written in 1932. But now, you can find many versions of the poem, and many different written statements have been and will be pursued. I want to know in particular (especially photographic evidence) observations of the poem in old gravestones / tombstones. Many people have contacted me with their memories to see that the poem on very old tombstones (maybe even before 1932, especially also in Texarkana, Texas; and Provincetown, Massachusetts), but despite my commitment to this research (from Italy) not yet in the position, these observations is to confirm. If you can help or similar comments/memories, please tell me. Do not stand at my grave and wines, not there, not sleep. I'm 1 thousand winds, which gently in the air, the snow, the falls. I am the gentle showers of rain, ripe wheat fields. I am in the quiet of the morning, I'm in the fever of the pretty birds flying around, I'm the star of the evening. I am in the flowers bloom, I am in a quiet room. The birds are singing, I'm in every pleasant thing. Do not stand at my grave and wines, I do not exist. I will not die. . Several different music and interpretations of the song are written not to my grave and wines and released with different titles, often with variations of the original expression. A version of the song is the beautiful prayer, words of the famous song Escritor singer in New York. I know the indication that published the poem and in the issue of 1944 by the American magazine ideal was attributed to Mary Frye. I contacted ideal magazine (now owned by ideal books, the now parts of cue points, retail products LLC) in July 2009 and received a very helpful response what beat poetry in your files, search or save a copy of the newspaper and not explicitly in the issue by Christmas 1944, which among other things was the ideal the first edition. The ideal society was through several properties in the last few years his records are not completely filled, a reliable conclusion to this type of research. The poem said, according to the ideal 1944 not as expected. I tried to in vain to contact the applicant for further details and explanations. There were dozens of statements as the copyright to this poem. Several functions are replicated on the Web, which, not reliable for obvious reasons, even if some seem very wide, such as the assignment of Melinda Sue Pacho and Emily Dickenson. Can while he was a poet of high reputation in the case of Emily Dickenson (taking into account that the issue should be carefully contemplated), we be sure that it totally wrong. Emily Dickenson wrote don't stay on my grave and wines. However forces less known characters relate, it is practically impossible to find the evidence in any way. In the case of Melinda Sue Pacho apparently without evidence, the he as was and where he lived, or anything else on this issue, and of course to stop, there is no proof of paternity. The summary of the law is necessary (page 62) a memorial service for former service document veteran Spanish combines in Portland, Oregon, United States, took place September 11, 1938 (40' domain') published by the Congress in the spring of 1939. The poem is anonymous and untitled. The text is: not in my grave and wines, it is not sleep. I am the thousand winds, the bubbles, I am a reflexes of the diamonds in the snow, I am the light of the Sun on refined grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. Wake up with the silence of the morning rush, I'm fast flying birds silence jets is emerging. Do not stand at my grave and wines, I'm not there-do is not dead. Variations in the communiqué of the Spanish army of war veterans, have connected while the version printed by Schwarzkopf: eleven lines instead of twelve. omitted in line 10: I am the soft stars that night two jump Leuchten.Skript instead of the comma on the line.Instead of Sun, line 5, the light of the Sun. Wake up with the silence of the morning seven line differs from all other versions, which usually have: If you. In the field. 'Upflinging' instead of 'eight lift' line.Script instead of the semicolon in the last line. On the fault, there are many similarities between the version of the Veterans of the war of 1938 and the Herald of Portsmouth in 1968. This perhaps suggests that the poem was not widely used in the intervening years (because of the distortion was of course with the use on a large scale). This is supported by the apparent absence of any evidence of the seal between 1938-68 a displayed (known to me). If I really all versions to see published this poem between 1938-68. You have a. Do not stand at my grave and WeepI am not there; Not sleep.I am the thousand winds that a 01 reflexes of the diamonds in the snow blow, I am the light of the Sun on refined grain, I am the gentle autumn Regen.Wenn you wake up in the morning's HushI am the swift uplifting RushOf quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars light the night. Not'm not there; on my grave and wines, I I'm not dead. (I want to print this version as a Council of Schwarzkopf. Fact was printed pressure, Washington federal, Frye after the document by the Government where he made the acquaintance of Margaret Schwarzkopf employees.) Times UK has appeared in the obituary of Mary Frye on the newspaper this modern, with a slight variation in lines 9 and 10, alternative version in September 2004, although it was given without attribution of the source of Mary Frye. Robert Graves offers several different interpretations of the songs of Amorbach gene, partly, because.Unfortunately, the version is, which survived only a translation of familiar old Irish Gaelic;.and partly because of the symbolism of the calendar in the poem, the graves of notable analysis application. Here are the most important interpretations of the tombs, you will see, some topics that closely correspond to which amounted in c on my grave and wines: graves explained that the song Amor gene is also known as Amor gene, singing and poetry, it is said that it was sung by the leader of the invaders Miletus Jule ground Irish Marchaiten the year of the global 2736 (1268BC). Graves also refers to the comments of the historian, Dr. R S Macalister, the work itself (i.e. Amor gene song) confusion Taliesin in the story of his transformation from the previous existence of Nino Bard in the mouth to use. This leads to a larger variation of the tombs for the interpretation of the poem. The Milesians were these recent invaders of Ireland according to Irish mythology, Ireland reached i.e. soldier of the Iberian Peninsula in the 1st or 2nd century, the descendants of the Míl Espaine or Milesius, because that is what it was. Hispania is the area of the Spanish/Portuguese of the Roman Empire. Said Milesius had a dream which was to colonise Ireland their descendants, and legend says that some of their children have. Gaelic; the appropriate Gaelic family of languages including Irish Gaelic, to refer to Scottish and Manx (Isle of man). Taliesin (also known as Taliessin) was a Welsh poet of the sixth century, the loud legend Celtic King including King Arthur. Taliesin uses a Britannian language, an old family of the British including Breton, Cornish and Welsh gave it at this time. The families of Gaelic language Celtic. / Gaelic and Breton ahead Germanic and French imports on the basis and so characteristic in the old British legends and poems like the song Amor gene. Robert Graves specializes in the interpretation and the translation of this very old kind of British poetry, and if you are interested in then probably the very beautiful white goddess would have her book. The first of the localized versions of the poem with annotations, which connected with major depression '. In a great importance to think song is in the age of Amor gene. The poem is translated from the folklore that dates back to at least 1 thousand years and the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge are narrow with quotes from Irish civilization of the Bible the meaning and style of the poem. In this sense Amor song is perhaps the earliest example of the use of ' I am 'Pictures, which we, the poetic technique in Permissionevent can produce' are not on my grave and wines. Is connected to central database of tombs with trees and at least a journey this legendary love beds fresh every night in addition to a Nuraghe dolmen, symbolic was that for the seasons, the calendar, the letters in the early history of Ireland. Arco ' alphabet represents then organized these tombs, dolmens, spring and fall activities, fall and the threshold of the new year in the summer. Don't ask me what happened in the winter. Is extremely complicated and if you want to explore further advises that he published the book of the White Goddess. What is paternity or the development of the poem not stand at my grave and wines, universal charm is undeniable. However, the question of authorship of the poetry and the developments in the modern versions is so fascinating, that its main attraction. Under its immense popularity and what intellectual criticism, the poem contains a quality that is deeply meaningful and accessible to all. It is very difficult to analyze this quality. Instinctively, people consider the poem that concerns human reactions on an unconscious level. Without necessarily knowing people like poetry, why and how. How a few moments to write memories of Mary Frye poems; In addition it worked purely instinct-you is a writer or a poet in the sense of the remotest not considered. It is notable for the incredibly popular work that was created in this way, this does not mean that if flash automatically suspicious guarantee inspiring. Creativity is mysterious. Moments of inspiration and not the years of study and work can certainly be important works of art. The possibility that has somehow become the poem in its current form, with or without the original entrance to the Mary Frye, is incredible, however, this kind of biological evolution seems for the modern version of the poem (where the so-called original version by Mary Frye), represented by the two first versions have been responsible. This instinctual aspect of the language is fascinating, and I'm open to ideas, why works poetry so good on an instinctive level. Maybe a factor is the repeated use of the claims I am, statements, in particular some biblical resonance with the well-known Juan Jesus attributed to (I am Brot.Ich am light, I am the way, I am the true vine, etc.). Maybe we are genetically or otherwise related, respond to the structure of the poem. . Mount on my grave to mourn and its timeless charm does not a good example for the power of language and the power of ideas and concepts, by far, very organic. Lyrics beautiful overcome everything else; inspire, comfort and strengthen the human spirit, which is completely independent of who. . Right is the first evidence for the existence of poetry I have ever seen. I am grateful that Smith P, they send me and help me with related information (order 2012 early 2013). The summary of the law is necessary (page 62) a memorial service for former service document veteran Spanish combines in Portland, Oregon, United States, took place September 11, 1938 (40' domain') published by the Congress in the spring of 1939. The text is: not in my grave and wines, it is not sleep. I am the thousand winds, the bubbles, I am a reflexes of the diamonds in the snow, I am the light of the Sun on refined grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. Wake up with the silence of the morning rush, I'm fast flying birds silence jets is emerging. Do not stand at my grave and wines, I'm not there-do is not dead. The text contains a slight difference compared to the other versions of this article. See the. Please note: the Alan Chapman/business balls rights and terms of use specify see article / global site not expressly referred to the poem do not to my grave and wines available originally created as an article in 1932 and in the public domain and thus like in the previous ones by Mary Frye usable and suitable. Seriously, he said, there may be little doubt about the appropriateness of this agreement. on what basis we could look at, this is the final version of the tombs. When you add to this review. For example, find interesting observations: j. McKeon, September 2008: I was struck by the similarity in the metrical form of Mary Frye's poem and an old English poem song of the Amor gene. The metric form is seven couplets of statements I am, followed by a twin aft advanced property. The rhymes are original in Gaelic, but is missing in the translation available. Amor gene was Bard, and the lines are a secret, because the hidden meanings, to convey a message. I want to say that Frye copied this poem, just that it can be inspired to produce his poem in the same image. This is an excerpt from the translation into Italian by Robert Graves in his book the White Goddess: Translation by Robert Graves is often called Amor gene song. Excerpt (full version below): I'm one of seven top stars are deer a great flood in a level, I am wind in deep water, I'm a tear of light of the Sun, is a bird of prey, on a cliff, between the flowers. (Translation of the song Amor gene Robert Graves published 1948 the White Goddess in his book). The artwork is in Gaelic mythology. Thank you John McKeon, County Limerick, Ireland). A well, mentioned in the first line, the other is a flagpole or graves speculates, seven teeth could specifically relate to seven points on a flagpole. Note: If Mary Frye coming wrote does not support this course work the poem 1932 above the tombs of forward, but they are certainly not before using the me, that are present in both. The structure of the poem and the topics I'm going back at least 1 thousand years and so you could say that a couple of thousand years, was perhaps influenced not written or developed interpretations, and certainly the way we answer it today and,.