Chopper Tattoo

Chopper Peanut Tattoo

You think about it. His confession, which he has tattooed on his chest. He is a graduate of fate, Parker said. The detective, the discovered, one highlight was the Sergeant, who was a homicide Sergeant. I never did the season. The alcohol by Pico had never recognized are. The researchers think of not tattoo that García was a hasty decision. Photos of various reserves over the years show the fresco over the breast development, that tattooed details about the crime scene - until one day Lloyd was seen as a unit, and was added. The process was routine. Sheriff's homicide investigator in the County of Angeles Kevin Lloyd mirroring via snapshots of tattooed gang members. Then drew his attention. Big breast of tattoos of Pico Rivera for a young gangster, had recorded and published in a crime scene of a murder at a liquor store in 2004 Lloyd was mistaken for more than four years. Every detail was the key: the Christmas lighting, liquor store where he, the 23-year-old John Juarez, the direction of his body shot was lined with the roof fell, arc lamp through the form and signs, all under the banner of the Mata cooling Rivera, a reference to the band Rivera-13. Regarding the case is a miniature helicopter was known as the pseudonym of the helicopter gang member below the clavicle rained bullets on the premises. Discovers that the tattoo by Lloyd a year 2008 bizarre investigation, which quickly led to the arrest of Anthony Garcia headed for the recording. Then the Sheriff detectives began as gang members, by García, 25, speaking in his cell. Have a confession this week investigators led to a conviction of murder first degree for the murder hope that solve everything was. For Lloyd, the image on the chest of the tender, the band faithless brought a flood of memories. The snapshot was taken in Pico Rivera station, after García arrested in a routine check and booked on charges of driving with a suspended license. Before their release questions suspected gang members usually to their shirts and his tattoos photographed to remove graffiti team members. Taggers often mark their bodies with the same signatures sprayed on buses and shops - and witnesses of the crimes help sometimes narrow chest, recalling distinctive tattoos. Lt. Dave Dolson said mareros murders are often symbolic tattoos in order to strengthen its credibility: three points in hand, my life-loca (my crazy life), sketches of prisons show where he has time, the prominent logo stencil strips over their heads and busts. But a tattoo designed a table in the scene is something far outside of the norm. I don't know, and I have not heard how it is, said Dolson. Tattoo Garcia shows a man with the body of a peanut were hit by bullets and fall back on liquor store. In the jargon of the band hands of the word used a rival gang to describe facetiously as a member. Lloyd had been at the scene to kill station sergeant of Pico Rivera. He recognized in tattoo, veteran of 30 years, called the cold case files. The pores in the photographs the scene, next to photos of the chest by Garcia. He conducted also the site of the murder. Pico Rivera worked for many years, so I know Very good of this region, he said. It was amazing. With the help of researchers from major crimes members with relatives in Habra Garcia. She stopped and started a list to ensure conviction. A detective who arrested as member of the gang in Los Angeles and had on suspicion of attempted murder was laid when Garcia the prison cell of Norwalk. He soon that the García speaks, the Sheriff investigators. García was proud and propagated the shot. I didn't know that the conversation was recorded and that a jury may soon. But maybe everything would stop Captain Mike Parker said. ,,.