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Chinese Rocket Tragic Accident

on the north shore of the Lake. The second 31 35 years trying to load the ground 707 was on approach to the runway. Court of the right to information on the concept and began to break. The accident occurred in heavy rains. The plane crashed, but five crew members survived. . During the approach to that contact quickly down and done with landing ground in a suburb. Then it bounced and conclusion. thirty people died in the crash on 28. After a bird strike # 2-motor and gear front collapse. There are the dead. The aircraft was repaired and returned to service two months later. This plan was destroyed in an accident in 41 years later, while an oil tanker (see below). runway 09R crushed Barros in Guarulhos, in the District of Vila, shortly before landing on the runway. Today at 12.00 wanted to exclude the principle and the runway for maintenance work and crew decided to accelerate the procedure for landing in open position (which already was 11.54). Hurry, one of the crew accidentally activated the air dynamic brakes and lost the aircraft at a speed very aerodynamic enough support (install). So, about 2 miles from the airport the plane crashed away. There were 25 deaths were three crew members and 22 were civilians at the scene of the accident. Over 22 deaths were more than 100 people injured on the ground. According to the report, slow elevator booster package contamination worse moderation controls have caused might, but not to have an accident. Does mechanical Pakistani research, concluded that the crash an act of sabotage. Did not find any conclusive evidence of an explosion on board, but said that chemicals that could be used in small explosives were detected in Mango seeds and a piece of rope found on the plane. He added that neutralize the use of a chemical agent to the pilots and thus perpetuate so quite possible accident remains. For those who have lost part of their bodies from disease or involved in an accident, they give a plastic surgery to repair not only the physical, but also to recover self-esteem. Phenomenal life changing plastic surgery is currently receiving much attention in Asia, the surgeon in China, leading to a replacement of the nose in front of a man who lost his in the traffic accident.The recovery process was a new nose for the patient to grow toward the front and transplantation as well includes the area where the old nose. ’ new human's nose has all the features included, waiting for the nose and the root of the nose in the lining of the inside of the nose is normally built.The man of Quanzhou, Fujian Province had to be quite the spectator before his tragic accident believes elected increased the new nose, forehead, seems as natural as possible and help you regain its former glory. (1) first to an area of the skin, that's front ’ has been extended. (2) Secondly, the cartilage, which would make the structure of the nose was transplanted into her forehead. In this case, has sides of human cartilage was used. (3) then an artificial membrane, was transplanted entirely with its own blood supply in the region. Then, they opened in both nostrils.At the end of the three-stage had a total of nine months, and the man is currently in the final stage of the surgery, which has produced the new nose, more aesthetic and eventually transplanted from the promenade and to which it belongs. Today, despite the same search in all points with a normal nose, sniffer developed recently is firmly connected with front ’ 's human and any anatomical sites. The patient uses a hat and mask, if there is somewhere in public, but admits, I can't wait for the day when you do not use the mask and breathe normally.If all goes as planned, it could be this day just around the corner! Cultivation of cells outside the body in this way, it reduces the likelihood of the patient ’ body, the rejection of transplanted tissue, but it needs a front nose to grow clearly not only the body but also to support the mental determination.Here is an illustration of the steps, the fourth and final step is the reconstruction of the Nase.Es grown in just a little detour, until the operation is complete and here RocketNews24 I hope that the final stages is smooth.If you re feeling brave ’, after watching the video below! ,,.