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Humanity has always seen the stars. Over time, people have dreamed of visiting very distant points of light in the night sky. It is that actually left the country and a walk by the Moon or space robot sent throughout the solar system only in the second half of the 20th century, however. The vehicle has made possible for this trip is the rocket. The rockets are now important collections of human genius, which have their roots in the science and technology of the past. Natural growths are, literally, thousands of years of experimentation and research on rockets and rocket propulsion. Quick links:. 3 registration of China looks like a garden plant of Houston, who was aware of them. The anterior Chamber is filled with top honors in many local publications, as well as pictures of local celebrities, who have eaten here over the years. I've dined here on Sunday and took a shot of stacked with its friends and partners. It was very valuable. It is my first time here that I wanted to try the chicken Kung pao, because this is what usually ask other Chinese institutions. Admission to the dinner was served a delicious fried rice spring roll. I thought that the food was excellent and loved it, it was very hot, but I was very disappointed that usually there are peanuts in my dish contains chicken Kung pao.Look to your around, which ordered the regulars, I am excited to return to try something else, because the menu was great. It Chinese food, near the Toyota Center. Nothing except the location and the times. This is probably because it is on the expensive side. 1. check in Don ' t give way to you. This Fool is a little gem. The best Chinese food in the long '. Lemon chicken is amazing. Spring rolls to die. Excellent service, very friendly. Definitely recommend and return. Large portions and good prices. When I entered the Chinese garden for lunch a day recently, I was impressed with the sound - the voice of the four corners of the restaurant barrier.  This place was full.  What I got excited.  In my way of thinking if the place is very popular, there must be something impressive in the general Plaza.En, it was good for me.  The menu is quite simple.  Simply fill out a page, you have your starters occupy almost all the left to the right of the menu and everything else.  A lunch of entrance is equipped with a spring roll.  I wonder, your choice of a cup of soup with lunch specials, but not ' is nothing to inspire.My friend ordered Hushpuppies as an appetizer.  I know what ' thoughts of ri.  HushPuppies at a Chinese restaurant?  Well, who then forced Long John Silvers, but a friend wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant to your prayers have been answered.  China garden ' s Hushpuppies are smaller than the fish restaurants.  She ' re also a bit more difficult than ' View elsewhere, but are very soft.  Then again all in ' Ordnung. Eggroll accompanied the entry was delicious.  ' is slightly larger than other restaurants.  And ' is not too oily.  It had the right combination of vegetables and pork inside.My spicy chicken dish, saying the Chinese garden by the way, are also known as General Tso's chicken '.  Unfortunately, it was not chicken ' spicy at all.  But, and this is a large garden of China, but ' of spicy chicken pieces were perfectly all the dishes of spicy fried chicken parts chicken, General Tso never got its name and was perfect for me.  And pleasantly surprised with me-slightly fried, crispy, keeping the sharp sound, even with the sauce over.  On the other hand, if you're like I ', while sometimes you ' n t menu read well.  The portion of the standard rice is fried rice.  If you like steamed rice, steamed rice must be ordered explicitly.The service was good.  Skip only a couple of times at Insgesamt Wasser. I have a photo of a fraction of a second, if I wanted a ' place would be willing to try some other dishes. Hands down the best egg rolls! The owner is a friend and you always feel welcome. It is one of the few Chinese restaurants and sizzling rice soup is worth, if you ' have never had!Crab Rangoon is also something special. In general, this is my favorite Chinese! China garden there since 1969. I've seen it many times ' go ' the rocket games but never really came. It was always packed and I thought that it had to be at least decent. I then gave him a chance. The menu was very simple, with a lot of dishes are based. We tried the gnocchi for an appetizer and it was not very good, nothing to rave. As for the first, who was with a group that it ate more Americanized Chinese dishes, of course, we had Mongolian beef and beef broccoli &. Again the two dishes were average, but prices were higher than he was accustomed. I think that what you can expect if you're ' for 10-20 dollars for parking payment and then $50 + for seats at a sporting event. Somehow you must pay rent. If you n ' t want your money to Chinese food more loss of quality at Toyota Center, then here, also. If you ' looking for authentic cuisine China, go to Bellaire. Excellent Chinese food. Spicy chicken and that was good. Everyone in the restaurant seemed to enjoy their meal. Place n ' look, because the interior and exterior are a standard Chinese restaurant. The service was good and the place is clean, however. The food is good. It was not ' t the best chicken ' I've ever had, but it was good. The Chinese croquette is also good. Fixed space. 2. check in one of the few places in Houston, which has a history. Tea ' position is located right next to the Toyota Center, so be careful of traffic or parking in the lot or busy concert. Is not the typical ' restaurant Chinese, praise be to God! The Imperial pasta is delicious and not ' is a great admirer of Chinese spring rolls (I prefer Vietnamese spring rolls). The recipe for shrimp Sha is also one of my favorite bang. Although the old building considered dirty or not boring as all the other old buildings. The staff is excellent and friendly. It has a well stocked bar, if you want to drink before the game. It's a ' place to try if you're in the area (or not). China garden is our Chinese restaurant.  We have 30 miles of everyone until stunning spring rolls, the sizzlin' ' ' soup and exceptional rice.Try the shrimp with fruit.  The ' is fantastic!N ' believe that some of these comments.  Carol and Richard sitting in place, to ensure that everyone is happy and the service is excellent. China of the best Chinese restaurants in Houston! Friendly staff and the food here is amazing! Orange chicken is the bomb! Yangon here is a bomb! All this is a bomb! Do not exit and ' t disappointed! Great place to go after a lot of rockets. Very generous portions and the sauce they serve with it, which is awesome. One of my favorite Chinese places in Houston. As an Asian. Let rice simply too far and too long! I hate it, but good to admit ~ came to Houston for business trips, and if had known that this site is not really part of t ' many authenticity of Chinese cuisine. But I had to change one day. and it means do enough Cravingsurprised, it was a local favorite! It was about 13 in the afternoon, and a decent size of pets still had contained this place!Kitchen with China, hot with humidity up to 75% looking from the outside. Find local hope really! AC was heavenly! He ordered my MOO Goo Gai Pien ~ try most of the plate of food, there is no more tricks ~ offers great experiences a roll. in general, and the girl behind the counter is cute! ^ ^. I chose this restaurant, but because it had a high valuation compared to other Chinese restaurants in the area, not ' my expectations. The food was just meh. Egg soup with chicken was just chicken broth with chicken fat floats. My cousin Uncle Ben has compared with a package of microwave fried rice rice '. The rest of the food was just good, nothing special. Te ' a little expensive for what is s.La waitress was a different story. If we are asked, nodding his head, and then go to another table for discussions with another table and never give back what we have asked. It was a small controversy when ask for things and not smiling at all.The funniest was when he said, they should be astronauts. I ' I'm not sure what you mean. It was an experience, but I ' will probably never return. Mediocre food and terrible hosting. 1 check-in express if you feel hunger, can take your Chinese hunger garden!The occasion, family, is very nice and friendly! Welcome in his restaurant and excellent home-cooked Chinese dishes. Here are original Chinatown and there by the ', the nearest restaurant regularly ordered chicken lemon, grilled fish and spicy chicken Toyota Center. the. Sometimes gives me a role of eggs when I'm feeling hungry '. The lemon chicken is bold and ' preparation. Grilled fish is grilled and served with butter and lemon sauce. I can handle not enough of this sauce! I like the walnut fish. If you don't have ' t tried their spicy chicken, really Guud '! It is not spicy ', but the flavor is delicious. The spring rolls are huge! Most of the time, myself, to finish it because I want food t ' requires waste. Also a jalapeño shrimp large shrimp dish!Take-aways and that from time to time for my family when I go home to Center to keep the eyes, have a lot more value for your money =! Prepare food on an empty stomach and all the way to feel like a slacker. I see ' there have been many times and each time I've gone a little ' happy. Frankly, I ' t call this Chinese food just by the fact that n ' t want to think others this place like a mall food court. The pump is the lemon chicken and the fried rice is awesome. I'm Asia ', to learn a bit of fried rice, it is probably one of the best mother and forgive me for saying, maybe the best I've ever had '. The parties will fully support you and leaves you with some to share with your friends. Green beans, I discovered by owners, newly grown and you can definitely taste the difference. The food goes beyond Chinese cuisine. And it is not just t ' the food that makes it so incredible restaurant. The staff treated with respect much, much more than what you would expect in most of the restaurants. Everyone is so friendly and puts you in a good mood and makes you feel very welcome. Not to mention, every State of mind, you can find it ' re at, ' in a career or want to sit down with old friends, the restaurant is the bomb.In addition, the restaurant also has character. Check out a look at your bar and ' ll see what I mean. ' King visited by many professional players and as food and then leave your shoes for good players. It brings the food, people will want to return. Pump, reminds me of a child, such as proven very good Chinese. Kenny THX. (try are the happy spring rolls family and chain). 2 I Chinese garden stores for 7 years. The lemon chicken can't be beat. Hush Puppies and rolls are excellent. It is a brown sauce table (Sweet Sour, & I think) that almost in sight. The service is perfect. Yes, it can be slow, if they are busy, but not as a ' have this problem die owners are always there. They usually come with you and chat. They spend more and more. It is the best part of the place, if they know that they will never forget it. I feel as if m ' to eat at the home of a cousin, if I, except that they can Kochen. Sie were in fact almost 50 years or more visits. It has ' ideal for lunch or before a rockets game. If you are in a hurry by the staff. You like to relax and take a couple of hours, they get even.? The food is always fresh and I never have less flavor structures find the microwave.China garden seems a bit outdated, but I find that this topic. Comida China, very comfortable and convenient is irreplaceable. Cheap and fast for the lunch audience already decided that most of the food, so ' is just a matter of the establishment of their plate. Chinese first saw, Hush Puppies served for all chip in a Mexican restaurant. The menu is very limited. The quality of the food is mediocre. Basically a buffet service. I ate here with some of my colleagues and I liked it. Compared to other restaurants in the center of the city, this site n ' t complete, the service was quick and the food for the price was very good. I have something on the menu for lunch and they are sufficient to feed during the day. And I am happy to egg Foo Yung menu and when I go to a Chinese restaurant, so I usually have has questions about this in your menu, the restaurant is good. Also has its own fleet of parking, if ridiculous n price parking Center ' t must pay. We decided to visit a game of missiles a few months at the Toyota Center and ' t really much research on the Internet about parking, as I normally do. We think, we head down through the city and some reasonable where ' t must walk miles and miles to participate in the game. We have a sign to park in the parking lot of the saw this Chinese restaurant. As the practice. We have no time, we are quite hungry and only ' in the anterior Chamber. When we entered, everything seemed the same idea that was. There was a lot of ' rocket of swimsuits and people dressed in his team. We were seated immediately and ask for something to drink while we saw the menu. They have a special menu for night games some of them popular lifts, easier, faster Strip elements to prepare the meal. I decided to order the sweet and sour chicken. It came with bread, rice and eggs. The spring roll was inside a lot of pepper, which I could not ' t will lead to an end, and I love a few spring rolls! The chicken was just OK. Was extremely damp and lacked flavor. Our server was very nice, but a bit difficult to understand. ' I think that is a good sign! Make 3 stars for the food, but it is very hard to beat the convenience of the location, if you are participating in a rockets game. The food here is amazing! It has the best Chinese food in the long '. We have dumplings, fried rice, egg soup, wonton soup, chicken and eggs Orange rolls. Incredible! The spring rolls, dumplings and fried rice balls makes this place shine! You can ' t ill do something with these elements. They do not provide more than. 5 miles something around your site. The expedition is on foot. In addition, it is not expensive. But it is worth. ,,.