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Chinese Rocket Test

CZ-3 missiles are a series of launchers satellite geostationary three-tier. Larger series versions have strap - on two or four boosters. The first two levels are also strap - boosters, if present, hypergolic propellants fed. Level based on deep cold. CZ-3 missiles are 3 Zheng Chang, sometimes called the long March 3 or LM-3. impressive in terms, suffered the sacrifices of generations of Chinese scientists and space engineers living difficulties and work construidoen in existing structures in inhospitable and remote control of the western deserts of China, he said Kulacki. guarded by the military, which is shrouded in secrecy and in a quasi-religious sense of political importance, the traditional culture of China products ' the fourth is remaining in the memory of the national hero. the new structure of Hainan as futura Mecca for Chinese tourists is planned Borghese, surrounded by coconut palms, a seaside resort, museums and an amusement park, said Kulacki. its completion will mark the beginning of a transition from the culture of the zone of China ', closing the prerogative of specialists who are said by the military for an economic and business enterprise, which is abierto¬® to the public, used Kulacki. Leonard David has been reported more than five decades in the aerospace industry. He is the former Director of the National Commission on space research and is co-author of Buzz Aldrin ' book, mission to Mars - my vision for space exploration, published by the national geographic. Follow us on. Memory of the progression along on March 5 and March 7 along the soft — everyone hopes that between now and the end of the year 2015 begins flying — China ' the launch of a satellite Center in Wenchang, currently under construction near Wenchang city, on the northeast coast of the island of Hainan. ' Yuan CSCA says pitchers the next generation employ innovative technologies, including new vehicles, so fuel liquid, non toxic and ecological. New start gently in the creation of China, said Wang ' work of s starting from September 2009. The main structure is completed unless any including test labs for carrier rockets and space vehicles. It is the fourth space launch in China after the implementation of the complex Jiuquan, Xichang and Taiyuan. China has successfully fed test rocket, what generation burden long March 5, amplifier can provide that help feed the country space ' in the direction of the last frontier. The new engine is closely linked. ,,.