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Phone Nokia Lumia AT & T: 1020 incredibly clear and detailed photo Lumia shares with his 41 1020 and mega pixel integrated with optical image stabilization. Registration of full HD video with stereo sound sharp and zoom any picture or video without loss of image quality. Designed to capture all the highlights, comes this powerful Smartphone with the convenience and simplicity of Windows and the beautiful Touchscreen.AT & T option in the memory available. Posted by: MikeyD1000 Riverside, CA 26.02.2014 benefit from this phone. I had Windows Mobile phones but the camera phone, it is high. I recommend it to anyone, interested in photography or just a phone. Posted by: Paborn from San Diego, ca 19.06.2014 as & Nokia phone have been for years. It is like a small computer with e-Mail, Facebook connections. Camera photo storage & is great. Posted by: Rubyblood of Indiana, 05.03.2014, I bought this product to replace my point and shoot camera. I've seen that 41 mp and it should have more than twice as far as my number and shoot camera. Bought with a selection of the line and then break the line not as telephone use. I once as a mobile phone and the quality was great, but I'll stick with my iPhone as my Handy.Bis these problems had noticed that Ray was very Ruidoso.compre was my device on April 2 and April 27 does not work. I have in the local craft fairs and took a few photos. At the end of the day I went application to take pictures of the items I bought, but when I crashed device buttons back to the home screen. Stop tried again when I woke up closest to tomorrow (approx. 10 hours later), I tried again and again, I did not work. So I took unit of sky connection with Wi - Fi and a few pictures, and then became a master of the backup restore. After resetting the camera, only a black screen and nothing else will receive pro master. The smart camera tells me that something is wrong, that it the camera could not be started.I did a reset several times, I think that I'm looking forward to, me to skip this device, the I in invested I have love to work you. I have tried other people online with the same complaints. I have a lot of people say that it has stopped working after 25 days (if it starts exactly my problems). I turned the unit off and put it in my bag for later. If he comes from work and took the phone from my suitcases were in Flash. Phone and hope things turn and it still wasn't until the phone is dead.Then went on the Nokia Web site and began the long process of the illustration of the unit for repair. While I in that was used to reload the operating system of the device, its Office program, hopes that all the time to resolve. an hour later the problem still persists, and the Flash was enabled. Print label from Nokia, and the next day back sent. I waiting for my replacement and keep fingers crossed, this may not happen. Glad that I have my camera was over.PS as a user of the iPhone, after all, until it is, for many years have found the device on a slow response time. Posted by: Donborvio Murfreesboro, TN 20.08.2014 honestly, 8.1 Windows phone is fantastic. 8 was not bad, but have the additional features of 8.1/cyan the perfect Handy.Telefon durable, good battery, better camera, quickly, even if the model is a year old. Windows phone is fast. The only problem is that for many applications for iPhone or Android phones are really. However, MS/Nokia has an ideal opportunity to take the niche, which belonged to the BlackBerry in the past. Office phone complete and full integration with other Microsoft devices and work really Dinge.Dieses isn't relieved phone available in a long time Windows phone 8.1 should be, but certainly something to consider. It is faster and more stable than Android. It is faster on slower than the iPhone hardware. New phones come early and try before you do this with one other iPhone or Galaxy. Posted by: Krism of Houma, Louisiana, 24.08.2014, I love my phone. The camera is awesome. The only thing is, if some keys mess. Especially for people who have never used on a Windows phone phone. Others, I have no complaints. It has the high quality and very cool applications Edition camera. For not to mention, the sound is very good. I like also some pre-installed ringtones. ,,.