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(Short message service) became most popular in the year 2000 in Europe and parts of Asia, as businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send the content wanted (or unwanted). Average read SMS messages in four minutes, which she is very Cabrio.In of SMS marketing has become a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world in recent years. This is because the different electronic mail on the Internet, their networks to monitor policies and best practices implemented by public transport, for the industry of mobile media (including mobile advertising). The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the. Operating system, displays of the notifications at the top of the screen. For owners of applications to communicate directly with their end users in a simple and effective way. If you use it wisely quickly users can alienate fault its current occupation caused on your phone. It is much cheaper than SMS marketing in the long term, but it can be costly in the short term because the cost of application development. Once an application is the download and install the condition function is activated as soon as it is practically free, because it uses only Internet bandwidth. Push notifications and SMS can be part of a mobile marketing a well-developed strategy. In addition, the use is greatly increased. Therefore, mobile marketing used Smartphone applications more and more as a marketing resource. In this way the direct contractual partners, payments and targeted advertising. It has a global high of SMS traffic). It is also a commercial service called Proxima SMS. Bluewater, a super regional shopping centre in the United Kingdom has a system of NTL, helping their GSM coverage for GSM calls, it also allows to follow each customer with a mobile phone and shops downtown, to go and for how long. The system allows to offer mobile phone texts. For example, a can of trader a SMS sending to mobile customers in its database, opt-in, you will walk in a mall. This message could save you 50% within 5 minutes that follow just say if you buy in our shop. Snack company, Mondelez international, manufacturer of Cadbury and OREO is committed to news based close quotes marked increases the influence of the point of sale, to explore. Send messages to an e-mail address, another method is (although this method is not supported by vectors). Numbers abbreviated 5 or 6 digits of numbers chosen by all mobile operators in a country, use assigned to the logo of the campaign and other services for consumers have been. Because of the prices high for codes abbreviated of $500$ 1000 per month decide many owners of small businesses, share a little code to reduce the monthly cost. Veterinary mobile operators each application before code short supply and monitoring service to ensure the fall of their original description service. As an alternative to sending messages per shortcode or email via a special phone number. In addition. (LBS) as a possibility, provided by ad networks mobile mailing and other information for users of mobile phones based on your current place of residence. The mobile phone service provider Gets the position of a built-in GPS chip to the phone or using radiolocation and signal strength of trilateration to the towers of cellular phone (for phones without GPS features) based on your proximity. In the United Kingdom, which in the year 2003 in the life called, use location services networks based not trilateration; Services location to determine a single base station with a 'portfolio' of inaccuracy, the position of a mobile phone.Services based on a localization work without location GPS, rather than transfer technology of content between devices. ,,.