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Always this saying warning: we are with the Iraq. Anything can happen that can cause that delays or postponements – as we have seen many times before.While I'm against this delay in moving forward at this moment, something that I reserve the right to downgrade the PRN by RV-O-meter from my personal opinion.Rumors and Intel: can ’ t just focus on the facts and the only titles are not encouraging, no entries! As we grow more real facts that lead to distribute dinars on a daily basis in the rumors to reconsider begins. Unfortunately, the good news for holders of the IQD leads to recognize the many rumors and Intel. Please be careful and you don't jump on any surface Rumor.Es showed up the last 9 to 10 times the rumor (s) are not true … entry and some Intel so use your best Urteilsverm√∂gen.Jeder something should take the events begin to develop, allowing credit to the Declaration. Any rumor or Intel is better than the other, if the statement starts show its validity. Amount of memory that is its own logic and common sense used contributions and statements from Intel, including the opinions in the framework of the follow-up of the RV-O-meter to read. ¬†I encourage you to develop your own opinions and with your instinct Antworten.Ich would like to add, that the entries became more and more intense and often not credible are the deepest in the Pocket and your Ersparnisse.Investieren or trading currencies is a wonderful but more out of your budget to buy dinars or more identifications in anticipation of the caravan to function of the rumor/Intel is not intelligent. Use you best judgement and never did you or your family in danger.Currency newshound and his force of Facebookwill not distribute or disseminate voices/statements from Intel. currency newshound just follow the news and facts. currency newshound is a free never collects money, prices or offers website/advertising revenue or other companies support. This feels sure the reader before an opinion is offered not influenced by advertising or social assistance. Thank you for your kind words. Words can not express, how much I'm thankful to have these wonderful friends and students. Cash Flow is a measure of the pressure on an action on the basis of the transaction value on a rise in prices and the transaction value in times of recession in the sale price and the purchase. / Down ratio shall be calculated by dividing the value of the craft to retrieve the value of the transaction. Net cash flow is the rest of the arts and crafts value minus the value of the transaction. Our calculations are based on full, late budgets. Cash Flow is a snapshot of the buying and selling in a relative pressure. A ratio greater than one suggest that pressure of purchase under one recommends to sell. The data serve only are intended for information purposes and not for commercial purposes. Financial information (6A) makes no express or implied warranties whatsoever with regard to the information, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness has a particular purpose or use; and (b) interruption or delay the measures as regards data protection, or for damages, which from the same shall not be liable for errors, incomplete. Data can be delayed by intentionally, in accordance with the requirements of the supplier. ,,.