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After more than three years as speaker of the President Obama at the top, White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney left the Administration, the President Friday. appear with Carney at his daily press conference, Mr Obama praised his spokesman as one of my closest friends and an official of the mainstream media. You want a clear vision for the future of information and innovation, the demo is the place to do it. Information is for the right decisions, the most effective in the longest time in any modern company essential. DEMO is like fuel for your product. Set in March, the concept, and your company in the spotlight, faster that you can imagine, if you tried to their kick-off event. Our company benefits strongly from the start demo; It is the perfect place for our first product for a sophisticated target group of influential technology show. We simply allow us face to face with press and Analyst Conference in the way not located outside. For us, it was the case of the demo and the start of our company, who have much more never exactly reached an important event and it. It has been a great influence on our profile. The program demonstration of the gods is a celebration of the spirit of enterprise and innovation. They are a possibility, the strength and the value of the new technologies on the stage is the challenge of communication a short 4 minutes to detect tempo. Demo is one of the best events that I have attended network speeds at a fast pace with a star-tup community in an intensive in Silicon Valley, for the mass market, but fun organized days. “ World news ” shot in 7.4 million viewers, with a score of 1.6 and 1.9 million viewers in the demo 25-54 NBC ' s ” “ nightly news had more total viewers (7.8 million), but surrounded by a 1.5 in the demo and there were 1.8 million.  CBS evening news ” “ ’ had a similar demonstration of 1.2, but supplemented by 6 million viewers during the raids in July for the first time since 2006, REF Steven Horsford, in a speech to the Democratic Convention of Clark County, Las Vegas on Saturday said that the request after complaints by citizens about the presence of sympathizers Bundy in the vicinity of Fritz, 75 miles northeast of Las Vegas made it.In the camps in the Bundy Ranch described as a sign of support for the Bundy camp the nationwide militia, the members continue with guns on their hips and more heavy weapons in hand. Bundy, a defender of the rights of the States, which refuses to recognise the authority of the Federal Government has more than $1 million in donations and penalties for it let their cattle for the Government for the last 20 years. Last month arrested the Bureau of land management tried his flock after a confrontation with hundreds of supporters of Bundy, round some of them armed.Horsford, a public event in Mesquite took part is close last Saturday, he said that he has approached by the inhabitants of their intention to leave, are members of the militias in the region want to know.He said, a daughter of the fifth year, that Bundy has should afford a sense of law and taxes on the pasture as other farmers to use in the West Coast State. A man said, Bundy is a breeder of welfare State life support for taxpayers, said he is Horsford.Et, why I called Brian Sandoval, senatore Dean Heller, the Sheriff (Clark County) (Doug Gillespie) and every other elected official in Nevada in turn get rid of this armed separatists to do, (Governor) said you Horsford strong applause from about 200 Personen.Sandoval and Heller are Republicans, while Gillespie held a neutral position.Sandoval Bybee Mac spokesman called on Sunday on the Nevada newsmakers television show recognized that people have a right in their homes secure an interview the Associated Press recorded on Friday in the Governor feel.Asked whether Gillespie wants to move militias Fritz, Sandoval replied: no, and although he had said I not with you share, because it certainly is a conversation between two of us.I know that it observed the situation and is very well aware of what is happening there, the Governor said after KRNV-TV.Brighter, the supporters of Bundy called Patriots and Gillespie did not immediately responded to Federal requests for Kommentar.Horsford also called and Studio armed force Gillespie Horsford, who said, it was appalling for the inhabitants.Is open to carry a firearm or weapon in Nevada legal, and marketing authorisation holder can hidden weapons. ,,.