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Cb Picks Up Engine Noise

The following dialog box arrived with John, Member of posts online JU was replaced by while he tried, reduce noise in his RF TJ, if it had been your radio CB with your permission, installation is here also, because I believe that it is useful information and valuable and offer another vision that can be included in an offer to purchase smear RF in a noisy vehicleBooks own integers dedicated to this subject, this is just a brief description of the things that have been done. Please note that some of them is as magical as it is science.by I want to say that what works best for me absolutely nothing for you and your jeep-CB radio. or, worse yet, to do and the fact that make things worse. There are so many variables in the equation than you, you must include one or a combination of these things (or others not mentioned here) can be the remedy for the second radio-John, three main sources of noise in cars are more come through the antenna. # 1, in particular the electric pump fuel injectors and fuel system (pump is easily detectable because it makes noise when the ignition key (do not start) and then, if you're under pressure now that most of the bombs, suspend the fuel and cutting lines). I've seen people use of bypass capacitors in the supply to the pump, near the point where the wires enter the pump reservoir. I've heard that some car company filter RFI (radio frequency interference) to car owners who have serious problems. Spark plug wires as small antennas with a spark gap connected to # 2. Transmitter system. I have people the braid of the coaxial cable and spark plug pipes, cables, etc., much work and without guaranteed results. I've heard that some hams have had luck with some very expensive ignition cables. $100 + for a group of rows, but their oppression, where they built the owners say that it worked very well. Sorry, I don't know the name but the Web search engines should help here. # 3 alternator-usually in radio as a whistle or a whimper recognized and followed by the speed of the motor. Often entering radio with them live, but you can enter through the antenna. This doesn't seem to be the source of the noise. # 2 above.I had the chance, reduction of my TJ of grounding, noise from the exhaust of the ignition system. I have about 10 at the end of the exhaust a ground strap (nice plate of copper braid would run great aber Koaxialkabel.)). I have a clamp radiator exhaust flexible stainless steel tube beautiful this area of exhaust, then completely wire brushes and unit light. The other end of the copper braid published the framework of the brush. wire, to clean and fix it firmly there. A Terminal of this end of the braided copper solder lugs. Well, this is what can happen. Books for ham, there are a radio stores, especially with vehicles reduce RFI available, if you are serious. You have certainly more ideas to try, as I think here. Good luck! Edit: John, a system of single-coil or the new coil multi-layer systems ignition? --------------------------------------------2002 TJ sport. I have a multiple coil for direct heat system. I tried a condenser to treat / noise from the alternator. There's no difference. Not much from the injectors or noise winding. I'll try to control the fuel pump noise. Maybe in a way I can under control. It will give an exhaust you. The noise is * really * proportional to the speed of the engine. Edit: I think that the fuel pump is the culprit. I took me under him, while the engine is running and can hear a sharp groan. I can not imagine that the CB radio is sympathetic. Now, as a fuel to get rid of the noise of the pump. There are a number of threads, that I take to get the capacitor? I am not yet a FSM which appeared on the list for this month. Greetings John-Stu, thanks for the link. I have them and follow a few directions. I have a sniffer somewhat my another piece of coaxial cable. Another set, I tried the test with my battery and another farm. If both ends of the shield I while it is connected to another country of car batteries, radio silence will be fine until you close the sniffer, high exhaust tip, the campaign or the back of the Jeep door. I'll see a strap on the ground. He can do no wrong. When connecting my battery when the engine is running, I have tons of noise, no matter if the coaxial cable is connected. The noise is louder with the coaxial cable connected, but the sound is still very strong without being connected. I have a cheapo noise filter, but I do not think that it is up to the task, it is the cleaning of the obligations of a circuit breaker. Then, probably the best a ham or a place. Recommendations for a diet of good quality? The area under the hood is * very * are. Perhaps, I should add a small capacitor battery Jeep as an experiment to see. I tried a few direct fire ignition aluminum and another piece in the injectors. It seemed to help some of the sounds - but do not delete. As always, are not only too noise/connections as f range for CB to close much use except on the slopes. As soon as they have been resolved, I'll try to be without a doubt other things also.If you have any ideas, please send for me. I tried all the ideas that gave me, and now I'm closer that it was. I know where the direction is to begin. I thank very you much for any help. Greetings John-Ok, filter, which makes it dirtier. Now I have a large animal honkine from Radio Shack with sucker cheapo support series. Mmmmm distances in silence - but only with a good route the power cable and a brief reason. Fact that the net: can leave the best fastest engine compartment and connect it to a network cable from the fuse box is bad as in the engine compartment. On fire and fuel injectors is huge sound directly. He is happier with a length of cable RG-8 plug. Proper routing quieter, could come with me, behind the drums, the Hall and back through the drain hole. The shield is the best links that seems one-geerdete reduce noise. It is much better than the normal cable - but only if it is connected to the shield not with something. Strange. Base bracelet + fixed exhaust seems happy to give a tip at the end of the hose. There is no noise in the sniffer, as soon as it is connected. Good idea Stu. Fuel pump sounds terrible with the rear door open. Back door seems closed, several cuts this noise-get, although I regret is still a little high hi. I have a pump capacitor 470pf accounting. I would like to empty the tank and then remove the tank and the pump cover. He can do no wrong. UbicaciĆ³n-limpia floor all engine, body, and head of the positions of the Earth. Really well removed hooks and attach wires and ribbons. It seems to help. CB is happier with a strict regime for the front roller near the CB Assembly. It is * very * unhappy with a battery directly or hoods of soil, but leaders in the engine compartment is quickly interrupted. A question of madness, I found it. When you connect the coax sniffer. For some reason, it is satisfied if the center guide with a length of TV is connected by a coaxial cable (RG - 6u) to the point of the massive body. Only 1 ends and Earth without the shield. A cable worked only auch connected sides of CB-land. Setting thread of RG - 8A was not working very well, but. Tomorrow, I'll try a cheapo-spark cable. Which reminds me that I have problems with the strange plant low - and I am not very sure to do something about it. Food for thought for you hams here. Someone may seem familiar. In general, it is a true learning experience, but knowing, buy it, I now know a * lot * more expensive CB with good noise suppression. I refunded more than likely that the cost of the CB Misc things close for good work. Thanks for the help. If anyone has ideas, or say nothing, it is for me a proposal. Sincerely end John - now all the images directly on the battery ground cable. ! Last night, I pulled the strap of land to connect the head, the body and the hood that connects directly to the battery body. The wort, which is the sound of the engine * significantly * great source of noise is a sharp whine of the electric fuel pump. To give you an idea, could not walk, high earn enough feed collected previous pump in has always been both radiated by the engine noise is * all * most of all, including the incoming signal is drowning. pump fuel ceramic disc capacitor 470pf trick leads to see I'll be if it helps heal. It is an any other CB radios. Still cheap and do not buy this model, but * important * progress from the beginning. I have money on the fact of this mobile handset works much better. John-Hello greetings thank you for any suggestions, links and moral support. micro capacitor 0.1 farad finally the cable power fuel pump. The last piece of the puzzle. This is * much * better with the engine running. I can really feel things with the price upwards and the exhaust down * except * noise had a * small * the sound of the engine and fuel pump sounds-top but only by winning and crush completely. But I am happy to say that I did. Now I have a little quieter gain, noise can get rid of the line and things as well. John greetings. ,,.