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Cancer-free Your Guide To Gentle Non-toxic Healing (third Edition)

You will receive notifications via email about your account movements. You can manage these notifications in your account settings. We are committed to respecting your privacy. An account register to vote our Scribd. Enter your email address to reset your password. We will send you an email with instructions on the procedure. Focus on the herbal therapy and a clear explanation of the Chinese medical theory old and practical, this patient guide provides a quick way to find recommended the treatment for common conditions over 40. Proof of its efficacy in the treatment of cancer. We suggest that you the levels of vitamin D in approximately 80-90 ng/ml to increase and control during treatment with them still. Vibration of the machine by healthy cells, according to the winner of the prize Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg, have 90-70 mV cell voltages. drop by the stress of modern life and our cells living today tend to be toxic environment as the old or infirm. Because the voltage drops, the cells not able, a healthy environment are in the maintain itself. If the electrical charge of a cell to 50 drops mV, a person may be chronic fatigue and can be often sick. If the voltage of the cell on 15 reduced mV, the cell is sick. The machine vibrates is a 2 m 2 m x 1.20 m x frequencies of energy that our operating potential healthy cells in the course of time used is restored. Easy is located on the front panel of the unit 2 for 10 minutes per day. Some universities and the Federal Government are conducted formal studies as its unique ability to restore health. It was for the animals, even those who have diseases cancer, including Kohl and large tumor formations effectively. Wigmore-wheatgrass juice therapy (1909-1993 Anne Wigmore) are the basis for the regime of Anne Wigmore, who originally planned to treat his cancer. Decades later he succeeded, helping the others using the same method. The diet of the Wigmore focuses on live food. Wigmore estimates that there more cooked diet raw food always and without chemical additives in food, keep the processed. The therapy is still at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida practice. It was taken over by a number of alternative health as a basis for treatment professionals. [Note: the author has no financial interest or the connection with one of them.]. AHCC AHCC (ImmPower) is a new blend of various types of medical fungi have been used in traditional medicine in Asia for centuries. The product is a fungus hybridized, unique and powerful. developed in Japan, it is growing in a rice bran enzymatically modified, to be absorbed easily and uses cash and cash equivalents with the body. AHCC is one of the world's most powerful immune enhancers. In particular ImmPower help to the climax of natural killer cells, increased cytokine production supports and promotes the activity of cells and optimal macrophages t more than 600 hospitals in Europe and Asia now commonly used AHCC provision. Antineoplastons Antineoplastons are derived peptides from urine and blood fractions. (Short-chain amino acids are peptide). They were developed by the Polish biochemist Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, who emigrated in 1970 in the United States and worked as a research assistant and lecturer at the Baylor College of medicine, until 1977. It is there that he developed these peptides and formulated his theory, that they are important components of the Defense Corps biochemical system s poorly programmed cells rather than kill to repair. He thinks that these peptides against all diseases, which can be useful not only cancer by mistake. It is not intended to cure cancer, but premature, Antineoplaston healing can help. You will study at the federal level now. Apricot is in the face of doubt, is a controversial therapy. Thousands of people around the world over the past 50 years and more have use of an important component of the apricot pits, an organic form of cyanide in small amounts to the fight against cancer. The FDA's official position is that it is in contrast to their decisions and therefore criminal proceedings. And in fact sometimes that he Sue people for the sale of apricot! The story of Jason Vale is a single instance. (A search on the Internet for more information) The value of the active ingredient called Nitrilosides effectively discredited for decades by the Government and the manufacturers of key medicines. However, many people have shown this therapy as responsibility finally eliminate their disease. Other names for Nitrilosides over the years have been Laetrile, amygdalin, vitamin B-17. The same Nitrilosides in more than 1,200 communities are fruits, nuts, grains and grasses. The track of organic cyanide may actually be in the early stages of the disease to destroy cells of cancer. A Mexican hospital treats more than 100,000 patients with cancer in the last 35 years, along with Nitriloside 90% of these people. Oddly enough, the Government has called no problem with vitamin B12, chemically Cyanocobalimin. Cyanide is in the natural treatment of B12 in food and feedingstuffs used supplemented. New weapon for Anvirzel, cancer and AIDS by Ocellus Pharma - plants database extract it is toxic and causes negative side effects. The study showed that the drug is especially effective against prostate cancer and breast cancer closed. Promotional material of the company Anvirzel. They say that Dr. Özel 494 patients with cancer of the Tratadocon with extract, causing a high rate of success. The company instead of the phase I and II studies in Ireland and the States that clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of the extract in cancer. They say that patients, have improved their quality of life, as well as the regression of the tumor during reports of significant side effects. They said the best results in brain, lung and prostate cancer. Sarcomas have shown stabilization. Arginina Arginina (1-arginine), an essential element for life-amino acids, has been found to inhibit the growth of tumors. Studies have shown that sufficient to almost high-dose arginine complete inhibition of the carcinogenic process. in 1980, scientists of the national Cancer Institute found that injections of arginine in rat tumor Oscilante consistently inhibit the growth of tumors. Their relations, said: within two weeks, the tumor size was reduced to 80% of its original size. Tumor Oscilante showed animals now acquired with the use of arginine in cancer patients in search results by document the toxic effects of arginine still more usually exists. Because this approach simple and great market cancer Central is not used by a conventional, after all the years is a mystery. Artemisinin Chinese herb, wormwood (Qinghao in Chinese). In test tube studies, research breast cancer cells led to a 28% reduction in breast cancer cells with artemisinin and an incredible 98% decline in the breast cancer cells in the 16 hours, treated with artemisinin and a molecule of iron for the improvement in treated transferrin. These treatments had no significant influence on the normal breast cells. This research to suggest, that the participation of free iron in the toxic effects of artemisinin, cancer cells, while healthy cells essentially to spare. (Dihydroartemisinin selective toxicity and Holotrasferrina on human cells breast cancer, life Sciences70 {2001) 49-56 Avemar of this fighter well documented cancer Albert is based on the work of the famous Hungarian biochemist Szent-gyorgyi, known primarily for his Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine in 1937. Water is mixed with glass and drunk, studies about this have derived delicate taste of wheat germ product, attracted the attention of cancer researchers around the world. Avemar has published more than 100 scientific reports since 1996 in connection with research in vitro, in vivo and people, including more than 30 magazines, proving their effectiveness against cancer experience. Avemar publications are available on the National Library of medicine PubMed and National Institute of health (.-Center for integrative medicine in Baja California, Mexico.) Vitamin C (high dose) vitamin C - one of the best moments of her body.) By a strange twist of fate in the evolution man human, make plenty, they need as well as a handful of other mammals can make their own vitamin c. not other mammals on Earth. We need our essential vitamin C does not, as formerly in the body, which seems endless. as far as a treatment for cancer, location 60 references to published studies that show how important are listed:. Updated edition of 2014, alternative health journalist Andrew Scholberg a comprehensive report about remarkable successes, for the German-Oncology clinics - among other things the former President Ronal Reagan visited when he had cancer. with therapy known little rejected in E. Coli.Trotz of the long-term success of these pioneers in this non-toxic therapy which is sobering specialist clinics, still unknown to the public in General, many argue that it is. . The NATs. Health care facilities now actively responsible for studies of intravenous therapy with high doses of vitamin C which has already proved, to succeed in the natural health community. DGetting sunshine vitamin? Dr. Joseph Mercola, the man behind the natural health of the worldwide web Popularlo more expresses very well: If you are facing cancer, I recommend you locate the assistance of an expert in natural health practitioners, specializing in the treatment of cancer, nutrition, emotional healing, and other alternative treatments help cure can help. This includes a reliable projection of the levels of vitamin d. Calcitriol, powerful steroid hormone in your body, it is produced in large quantities in the fabric, if you have a sufficient amount of vitamin D. However most cancer patients are deficient in vitamin d Calcitrol activated form of vitamin D to prevent cancer inducing, cell differentiation and cell proliferation has been shown. Optimal amounts of vitamin D work synergistically with practically every other cancer treatment. There are. The laboratory, Aloe Vera gel inhibited nourish angiogenesis - the production of new blood vessels, tumors. Tube tests and animal studies suggest that the active ingredients of Aloe leaves (with the gel of Aloe Vera and Aloe LaTeX) immune stimulating effects and fight the cancer. Aloe enhances wound healing and inhibits inflammation. The production of commercial importance for people has inspired cancer by combining this information leaves Geneva, honey and Aloe. However, there is no study on the use of this substance in humans and therefore the safety and effectiveness of this product is unknown. Thousands of Web sites and hundreds of commercial products can claim all sorts of things in relation to the benefits of Aloe, but common sense should prevail. A fact can not be denied, however, humanity used for health problems of all kinds of Aloe for thousands of years. . Allen studied Essiac tea for many years and sold a definitive book on the subject of Essiac Essentials - veteran of great herbal cancer by Sheila snow and Mali Klein called. Sheila snow was a close friend of Rene Caisse. C, Yucca live, one other powerful blend of herbs preferred Cessiac, written Chinese version, they are in the United States and Canada MPS international marketing, Inc., British Colombia. Therapy similar to far infrared Coley toxins and the success of Dr. Josef Issels (above two), infrared heat far actually helps kill cancer cells, increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduces the toxic side effects of conventional treatments. This approach far infrared heat artificially given to the temperature of the whole body or any part of the body to increase. Infrared heat penetrates deep into the four or five inches in the skin, more great body detoxify. the accelerated metabolic exchange between cells and tissues their molecular vibration waves. At the same time it increases the capacity of regenerative body and reduces pain due to an increase of in blood flow. Naturopathic doctor Vancouver Jim CHAN, which has treated 5,000 patients, says that the far infrared therapy has the ability to Pierce rings protection around the molecules of the harmful organism so that it more, they cause cancer. It weakens the links between toxins and human tissue; stored toxins can therefore the system emptied more quickly and in larger amounts through the skin through sweating, the liver and the intestines. Suite of flavonoids was a CNN report on March 30, 2000 written by Miriam Falco: (AP)-a recent study shows that flavonoids, organic compounds in more than 4000 fruit and vegetables to inhibit Permissionevent appear on the growth of human cancer cells in the laboratory. Preliminary results of KGK synergize Inc. Thursday at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco. The study was conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Department of agriculture and includes 22 flavonoids, found naturally performed in Orange and tangerine juice. Dr. Najla Guthrie, President of the research company, said that the results are very encouraging, that these compounds may be effective against lung cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma cells. The study also found that flavonoids are produced synthetically effectively inhibited the growth of cancerous colon. Guthrie, previous studies indicating that components are to be found in lemon juice to reduce the human breast cancer cell growth in the laboratory evidence tested. get any kind of cancer, researchers, scientists, and FucoidanFor years rarely confused, what the people of Okinawa, Japan. Not only that, have the highest percentage of people of more than 100. Eventually a long chain called fucoidan, carbohydrates a love of Okinawa called kombu seaweed delicacy discovered. Seems an incredible offer of health properties, including the fact that it can produce fatal for cancer cells. Also known as the U-fucoidan FUCOIDAN. Today, there are more than 600 scientific studies in the database of the National Library of medicine to the medical use of this amazing substance. GEIPE therapy for the first time in 1959 in the journal Science, Geipe is a form of electrotherapy, administered the delicate DC (frequently 2.4 milliamps in less than 3 volts) by a few days. Current experimental data show that is this new treatment best suited for the treatment of solid tumors (cancers) as the bubble, bone, brain, breast, cervical, colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, rectum, stomach, skin, testicular, uterine and throat. How to disable the processing of RIBONUCLEOTIDE reductase enzyme Geipe cancer cells, use their uncontrolled growth. In a perfect world is the perfect way for the treatment of cancer, because it is easy to use, fast and virtually free trade. As such is work against phenomena, there is little benefit for all who could do. Therefore, even today the conventional medical establishment ignored. Gerson Diet a try, but effective nutritional approach in the fight against the disease. Max Gerson (1881-1958), was in the year 1907, as a doctor in Germany. He developed his diet and detoxification treatments for tumors a roundabout. First, he began to experiment with power to cure their recurrent headaches and ran. Gerson began, other patients suffering from tuberculosis of the skin and other chronic diseases such as arthritis, diseases of the heart, chronic sinusitis, colitis, ulcers, to treat hypertension and psoriasis. In 1928 a cancer woman Paul and has requested that the healing. So far Gerson not for cancer patients had been treated and knew very little about cancer. The woman insisted on and Gerson has been loaded you into your diet. His cancer has responded well. Gerson had wanted other cancer patients treatment, any delay reduces tumor or cancer until 1933 as Gerson of Germany by Hitler was forced. Because he had observed that the abnormal liver function always representing the cancer is preceded, he believed that it restore the recovery key, the proper functioning of the liver. This was done through detoxification. Gerson is also of the opinion that it important again to allow a balance between sodium/potassium and oxygen to the cells. Germanium in mineral, is versatile and healthy. These therapies successfully, are poorly understood, non-toxic, made the acquaintance of the public for patients and doctors. In fact it is f.). In the Internet available, strengthening the fight against biological cancer and the immune system, the mechanism, this product is nearly unique in the world of therapy. Avemar is today one of the largest care study of herbal products and has shown that the effects of the conventional Krebstherapien.Beta glucans, 1, 3, 6 beta glucans are increased when used as adjuvant therapy, modifier nutritionally enhance biological defence (BDM) and change and balance the immune system. Glucans have studied for many years has been, especially taking into account their ability immune cells macrophages and in the same time to activate T cells, NK cells, and cells (b) including certain Cytokines and complement. the scientific literature has for many decades, large including a substantial number of literature on patents. Action beta glucan helps the body to nutritional point of view, particularly when the population of immune cells was reduced or limited by a condition, disease or treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. High molecular weight summary extracts of the plant climbing morning glory have shown inhibit the growth of malignant cancer in mice. Extracts have shown the immune system, the effects such as tumor infiltration of white blood cells of animals, more lymphocytes is increased. Furthermore, they inhibit angiogenesis (the growth of tumor of blood vessels, the food with fresh blood). This climbing plant and buckwheat extract extraction method is very simple and requires a minimum of cleaning. These vines and buckwheat extracts are used as anti-cancer therapy, low toxicity for humans and animals. Two media hyperactive bovine CartilageDespite shark cartilage, bovine cartilage was studied in relation to the treatment of cancer for many years. Harvard John f. Prudden is used for the treatment of cancer in humans of the early of 1970s trained doctor. Dr. Prudden, published a series of cases of patients 31 where he took some references is important in a variety of insoluble malignancies, in particular on metastatic pancreatic cancer and glioblastoma Multiforme of the breast cancer. Some of these patients were followed at the time more than five years that the case was published in 1985. According to the National Cancer Institute, for every value in the treatment of cancer bovine cartilage, a strong, flexible connective tissue examined and tested. As already mentioned, the various shark cartilage preparations have been studied in the laboratory and with animals for their ability to destroy cancer cells and stimulate the immune system to the formation of new blood vessels feeding the tumor cells blocking. NCI official public position remains however that so far no cartilage, an effective treatment for cancer has shown the scientific evidence. Several people in formal clinical trials in NCI are now in the Gange.Budwig flax oil plan cottage cheese & diet flaxseed oil (linseed oil) was originally developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, biochemical German and expert in the field of fats in the proposed in 1951. The simple formula of two tablespoons of flax seed oil a quarter Cup of low fat cheese (or other foods with sulphur) increase metabolism, strengthens the immune system, reduces the level of cholesterol and for unclear reasons, helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. This unlikely combination, but effective products was one of the most popular and most successful decades of cancer drugs. Dr. Budwig has several books on this subject. Combination of natural herbs Carctol, you put the point in India, Carctol is well documented and proven therapy. Agreements with all types of cancer, including cancer of the esophagus, ear, nose and neck, brain, breast, lymphoma, lung, blood, kidney, cervix of the uterus, stomach, colon and rectum, pancreas, etc. has been shown non-toxic and side effect free, it used successfully in India and in some parts of Europe for 25 years. In addition, the success of treating cancer, toxic substances neutralized produced by chemotherapeutic agents. Carnivorous plant Launcher (summary of the Venus fly trap) provides important nutrients necessary for the immune system, allowing for operation with high efficiency. It allows to operate with maximum efficiency. Furthermore, mimics the activity of the immune system in the event of the destruction of the primitive cells defective or so-called a variety of pathogens (bacteria, viruses). In several laboratories around the world showed its effectiveness against cancer and AIDS. Since 1981, over 2 000 patients were treated and carnivores, including President Ronald Reagan. Cesium cesium, one of the most alkaline earth elements was used to increase the pH of the body as alternative or complementary cancer treatment for many years. in 1930, Dr. Otto Warburg de Alemania won a Nobel Prize for showing that cancer grows anaerobically (without oxygen), or acidic conditions. Looking for Keith Brewer, Ph. d and h. e. Sartori has shown, the pH and oxygen content which create a threatening atmosphere inside a cancer cell to 8.0 and soon dies, and will eliminate the revival from the body. Cesium chloride is often used in combination with potassium. Aluminium, nickel, lead, and mercury chelation therapy are all considered heavy metals (toxic). Our body can come from various sources, including exhaust gas car, cosmetics, paint, condensed milk, formula milk, talcum powder, white powder ground flour, medicines, antacids, toothpaste and aspirin. Heavy metals block the natural detoxification process. This can lead to fatigue, malnutrition and other health problems. Chelation therapy and effectively eliminates heavy metals of the cells and tissues of the body. The word Chelation comes from labour Greek Chele, i.e. claw. Can chelation therapy over oral (tablets) or be administered by injection. The treatment plan for patients with many different toxins can therapy may be useful for improving circulation and part. Coley, 1888, Dr. William b. Coley (1862-1936), graduate who stumbled researchers, Harvard Medical School, a New York surgeon and cancer is about one of the most interesting discoveries in cancer research. Cancer cannot survive at temperatures of 42 C (107,6 F). His discovery was initially tolerated, ridiculed and eventually eliminated. In recent years, a renewed interest in their discovery was among researchers. Fever in patients with cancer create Dr. Coley, quietly crafted methods with great success. Unfortunately, even after 100 years, this is not no trace know simple thermotherapy today by their conventional medical circles. linoleic acid or CLA, meat and milk a substance conjugated included called conjugated linoleic acid or CLA (Tonalin) for important cancer-fighting. But a constant decrease in the amount of CLA can be attributed to modern agricultural practices products from meat and dairy products in the diet more than 50 years. Grass fed beef contains up to four times the CIA and cattle fattened in many foods. Dairy products have today only about a third of the contents of the CIA, formerly the 1960. The CIA stimulates the immune system, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, improves insulin sensitivity (work with your doctor if you have diabetes), improves the blood lipids, increases muscle mass to body fat reports and did practice not known toxicity level. The CIA might continue organic dairy products because it necessary have at their disposal appropriate certification, grazing animals. The CIA can be supplied but controlled supplements in large quantities. While the CIA like a supplement to remove its anti cancer properties seem to be genuine and should not be neglected. Typical doses are 0.75 grams 4 grams per day. Curcumin Curcumin ([email protected] methane) is the capital of the Spice turmeric. Curcumin has powerful irreversible antiproliferative against a variety of cancer cell lines in vitro (in a test tube). This connection has also shown in relation to toxicity in animals, as well as the preliminary phase I human studies. In fact, scientists have also found that curry powder (turmeric is a main ingredient in Curry) stops the spread of breast cancer. In Texas, the researchers found that Curcumin inhibits the spread of breast cancer to the lungs and improves the effectiveness of current remedies. Bharat Aggarwal, Professor of medicine at the University of Texas, from cancer, said: we are delighted with the results of the study and the possible consequences for maintaining the clinical results in the coming years. There are many articles about the effectiveness of this herb is considerable in the treatment of cancer. It is suspected that Curcumin directly apoptosis in cancer cells (cell induced suicide). d Glucarate discovered M.D.Anderson Cancer Center researchers at Texas, d-Glucarate have been shown to the lung, skin, liver, reduce 60percent of breast tumors and colon or more (AGH, 1990). Moreover, showed an inhibitory effect on cancers of the bladder and prostate have. D-Glucarate has Thebreast to inhibit cancer significantly in more than 20 animals for laboratory purposes and in-vitro studies shown. The most important mechanism of D-Glucarate by Itsability to improve the detoxification of chemical carcinogens and tumor promoters fight for secondary estrogen produced by the body. Look-women, a high risk of breast cancer have the ability of low estrogen and detoxification Forcarcinogens. D-Glucarate, Effectivelyprevent induction of prostate cancer found in men. For sale free calcium d-Glucarate, tablets are available. Detox-ProceduresOne the main message in this very comprehensive report. The removal of metabolic waste toxin Sandy material that turns in the body in the course of collecting time. HerbsThis therapy for more than 30 years, Harry Hoxsey (1901-1974), a self-taught healer provide many patients with cancer by a seemingly herbal remedies inherited his great-grandfather. At the beginning of the 1950s, clinical HerbsThis in Dallas was at cancer Cancer Center alone in the world, with branches in 17 States. Born in Illinois, this opposition relentless professional face herbs and harassment against a hostile medical establishment popular. However, two federal courts have confirmed the therapeutic value of the tonic of HerbsThis internal. Even their enemies, the American Medical Association and the food and drug administration, admitted that his treatment of some forms of cancer could heal. A judge in Dallas ruled in Federal Court, that HerbsThis therapy comparable to surgery, X-ray and radio in their efficiency without destructive side effects of these treatments. But in the 1950s, were closed at the end of the McCarthy era, clinical HerbsThis. The AMA, NCI and the FDA had to be had to the Federal Congress remove the HerbsThis methods, according to a report and 1953 clinical HerbsThis of Dallas to close its doors in 1960. Three years later, at the request of the HerbsThis Mexico moved the operation in Tijuana, the head nurse, RN, Mildred Nelson. Hulda Clark therapies for decades Dr. Hulda Clark was a controversial healer. Although many throughout the world people venerated as a therapist and humanitarian, inventor, visionary as many attacks as a quack. Eliminate the parasite in the body is the cornerstone of their approach for almost all diseases. Selection of patients for the disease in several States with a frequency of test device, which invented a so-called Syncrometer. This short story mentioned briefly the history of medical research and the treatment of patients not because of his righteousness may or decide its value to health and healing. The cure of all cancers called his principle book on cancer, which has sold thousands of copies. This hydrazine sulfate is a common chemical industrial, proposed for the treatment of Cancer Institute in 1970 by Dr. Joseph Gold of the Syracuse Cancer Research. Its use is that a precancerous cell is known, that their energy by fermentation of sugar instead of oxygen burn to draw as normal cells do. Assumed, that the ORO hydrazine sulfate, the ability of the liver to sugar for the tumor and thus inhibit can inhibit the growth of the tumor. Hydrazine sulfate supporters claim that it also useful in the battle against cachexia, extreme weight loss, that of terminal cancer is often associated phases. Here for more information on the Web site of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute. for a full tutorial on the use of natural and alternative therapies against cancer and meet these professionals in your area. You always work with a qualified professional in decisions about personal health Therapiesor conditions [grammar correct translation], cancer, immune system puts to sleep health. Once sleep; Piracy in the weaker cells begins. Cultivation of proliferating cells and rebel starts to create more colonies of cancer. Lymphotonic PF2 sought false alarm to poison the system with toxic herbal drinks. So invasive is the immune response immediately and carefully on every attack. To give carte blanche to his defense of the troops: killer K, T-lymphocytes, leucocytes and macrophages to repel the invasion to cells, among others. Find any poison to fight, and since then has been Lymphotonic PF2. Special mention for hydrogen peroxide. Despite successful for more used as 170 years, is this cheap, 100% scientifically proven natural healing method, it is still virtually unknown to Western doctors (MDs). It creates an environment within the body where the majority of the diseases cannot thrive. This treatment cures not the disease itself, but strengthens the body dealing with the same illness. more than 15,000 European doctors used to heal millions of patients for decades. one of the major healing of our time, as a miracle. (l) to the restoration of health kit and a milestone of the most successful alternative treatment centers. The body needs the huge significant constantly against the effects of internal toxins and Wasteproducts protects resources devote resources that would be much better spent fighting cancer. Depending on who today read, estimates of the amount of artificial chemicals in our air Beach, the food and water of 38 000 and 95 000. These compounds have in nature before the industrial revolution, which began at the end of the 19th century alternative clinical and hospitals that the lymphatic system with herbs and Massagetherapy drain, never existed. Kidneys, liver, and stomach-intestinal system be cleaned also. (Via oral or intravenous) Chelation therapy arteries, which clears blood and removes toxins such as mercury, cadmium and lead metal. only detoxification procedures will receive an incredible amount of energy, health and diseases to fight. Detoxification process will eventually become routine in all areas of conventional and alternative health. It has already started in the secular population. Thane of indole indole is a metabolite of I3C (indole-3-carbinol acid) and twice as strong. This extract of cabbage family has proven to effectively vegetables in studies around the world against hormonal cancers. It is a mechanism to reduce the level of estrogen in men and women, a theme, that typically causes often in aging-related cancer or other diseases. These include diseases of the prostate, breast and cervical cancer and weight gain. Supplementing the diet with DIM and eating cruciferous vegetables increased specific aerobic metabolism for estrogen, multiplying the possibility that so-called estrogen beneficial estrogen metabolites, not more common. This good estrogen metabolites are referred to as 2-hydroxy estrogens. DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) has a wide range of therapeutic applications. Most of the doctors (MDs) is aware of its value despite more than 3,000 studies on more than 500,000 patients. DMSO binds with water and to change the structure of the water inside the cell, which makes the healing of cellular damage. It increases the permeability of the cell membrane, causing flushing of toxins in the cell. DMSO improves the immune system, reduces allergic reactions, increases immunity against infections, prevents the growth of cancer cells and reduces the power of toxins. In the position, the blood - blood-brain barrier, cross, serves a great means to help in other substances, as well as in other parts of the body. If it is used in the set, but a slight taste of garlic in the mouth cause. Keep marred by conventional medicine, etc the current decade after decade.