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’ I would like to know if it is possible to increase the volume of the music on Soundcloud. He released a song with a sound and now I would like to move. I understand that she change the keyboard layout to make this feature much. Do not use the ’. As with other media, there are a several components of the user interface, the user has to wait. Navigation screen, loop, shuffle, play/pause, previous/next track are you will find ’ more controls in player interfaces. While I can certainly do it with the keyboard, users should not expect that t. ’ the user interface of this site seems generally concentrated active on and through the site. ’ Don't know of someone, but I tend to listen and have then open in a browser tab, no tail actively SoundCloud ’ find my musical possibilities and can concentrate on other tasks. It may be that the objective of SoundCloud UI ’, but ’ in the case of the use of any part of the user experience have to be excluded. Insurance ’ m ’ m not only to, like the choice to use the Website.Haben it buttons, can you help with the settings and control playback by using the Web site this is a great victory. SoundCloud should correct the abuse by “ as ” Feature.Ich found someone I loved once + “ monitoring ” my fingerprints without touching either of them.I wanted to just come to follow.It must be the correct behavior, if someone would like to introduce “ as a ” this song should play at least once.I know people can still be hurt by the press and stop reading, but at least they are trying to use their list of followers. We have added the history of the game. I returned great song or podcasts to that, randomly on the SoundCloud hear in the background? Easy. I use the prior back time to travel through the played in the current session on SoundCloud. On the other hand, try to click on the title of what you're playing: take you directly to the page of the game made the waveform and the Kommentare.Lassen us know what you think, the new games controls: leave a note in the comments or A. Hi Vincent, to write, if you use the classic ’ SoundCloudThese controls cannot be displayed, to play. If you again, again and again to the sequence by pressing on the “ fact ” button in the upper left corner. The controls remain at the Summit. If you have any other questions, please get a. He said it's more control when you play audio music on SoundCloud &. We have heard. So, today, we begin our new brand game controls. Unfortunately, things are good and control over the multimedia keyboard keys will never happen because that SoundCloud decided not to invest in the desktop client. In fact the two I wrote good very my SoundCloud client that works, but after a year and a half, I changed my OS X, Linux and ’ didn t go to the new port. So listen not really too ’ SoundCloud even if Miss. Now, it will not be able to change to another service. I can t la ’ unbearable times featured the ’ way to stop. I have to go before a song that I never want to jump on my stereo system for the pause button. I can't believe that we ’ do ’ you have the possibility to choose if you or disable this new SoundCloud. The most important is the continuous function better, not ridiculous game. Very often, do not want to play ’ a constant flow of songs and I just want to listen, to work on my questions while I. But only a preview of the track, another starts, never asked to play. It's so incredibly boring, ’, ’ possible to resist. And I don't want to go back in the old SoundCloud. I like the look of this better and integrate an option for playing constantly instead of forcing everyone to use against their will. If there was an option to stop the terribly annoying continuous playback function, it's nice to see how the new SoundCloud is ’ is not very intuitive, because I cannot ’, life, you will find a button to disable this damn constant game!. Hello Janeshin, ’ I still uses the old Soundcloud (and reminded them of the sc, regularly :)), because too many important features are ’ me ’ m is still missing.) Yet once published, other songs are OK, but this is not the same ’ to see that someone has added something on a page Soundcloud m ’ to your Favorites Add (which is essentially what the old ’ ‘ dashboard is intended). I hope that on Soundcloud apply one day into the new. ,,.