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Beat Generals Rar

When I was a kid, I put my hands on this game called games of the generals. To be a curious child, I wanted to play, but she was too young to understand how to play ’. Fast forward a few years and finally someone found me playing can teach. The only problem with this game is the fact that it needs a referee when you play, and a little one track, because it ’ difficult to find someone who would act as a referee.A few years of boredom in the Office and I landed at the General game board game. Me di account lost play then create a computerized version of the game only through love for him ended. I have two versions, one with the original size and other parts for Office ” “ play. : Wink: here are some pictures of the play, as well as a copy, which may be of interest. -Mike Sumulong. The aim of the game is to capture the flag. The parts are classified in the order of their superiority. Senior captured all-in-one a lower ranking. This applies to all parts except for the lamp, which can be won only by a private. You will receive a copy of the mini version of the games of the generals. – have to do is smart enough to beat be? It had planned to use the application with my friends play and earn ’ have no time to a decent AI, while I made was to have different designs of pieces that are usually used when I games. Then, you use only a Randomizer when the game starts.You want a decent AI, then I think that you have to do before you make a set of rules, what moves and what priorities between each √úbergang.BSP.: when five-star General was defeated and use a private page, in the part of the enemy, because that means that broke was the five-star General a Spion.So, I think that ’ d eat most of the time, over all possible movements. : D of this time, the ’ is better, something in your scope restrictions in this part of &. Otherwise you might end up at IA is stupid put! ) Good luck! :). Michael, I think that this game is called policy “ games (without S) ” you ’ good! :) I've got this electronic version someday to give me company. Problem, I can not ’ t find my source code and all I have is this small version and I can't change it now. t ’,,.