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Conventional training method really works. The course went beyond my expectations. Before taking your program, I certainly had trouble with pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. After the course, I have much better to communicate in English, and I see that people have less effort to understand what I'm saying. Thank you very much. Last year for Christmas is to be a turning point in my trying if Santa give me debate workshop brought Paul Gruber. I traveled with my husband from one State to another in recent times and it seems to me that a miracle happened! I have been using this course for only a month and feels no longer good trained responses in my delicious Akzent.Titel of psychologists and teachers of English for beginners level she has taught middle school adults in Siberia, Russia, and I'm working with people who need English for business, study or travel.Years three ago, when I came to be permanently in the United States live, that changes everything! I'm listening as oh what a beautiful emphasis! Things where you come from? When I was talking to someone. I'm tired of hear these comments quickly and trying to correct my words, unfortunately with poor results.I encourage everyone in Russia or all Slavic countries seriously think, find to do a good job at international level for study or business, to study this course.My point is that this person in a foreign country you also understand. Is their concerns have to understand if you want to succeed. This program is very, very, very rewarding! The laboratory has of course returned me of my life. Thank you for helping me deeply.I experienced many things in my life. February 22, 2010, was inside the archive of crafts at Michael, if for me, for the bin Laden and I pull pins under your car an elderly woman worked her car through the windscreen in the store and it. I suffered from severe trauma and other injuries. I have suffered from aphasia, dysarthria, memory disorders and had great difficulty to speak and understand. I thought my life was.Then, I was introduced to the debate through a local school workshop course.  Gradually I learned to talk video lessons clearly with your. and eventually became a volunteer teacher at the school of the LEC. I found international students with his speech and debate, continued to serve help to improve.Today I am much better and I can't thank you enough. Please share my story with others. Although we have never personally met, I so you want to know how I ever helped. I hope that my story to share with others. God bless you and be careful. 15 fun and challenging the episodes, Paul is a complete course of the debate, which can be enjoyed from all Italian students from beginners to advanced speakers. For many years the debate workshop has an enormous enrichment for my ESL courses and all my colleagues who use it in school. Paul Gruber has done an excellent job and have been full of desire among our students, until now still not satisfied.These videos have our classes and a new confidence in our students both within and outside of the classroom have created. Seminar schedule of the debate also contributed to our program adult education increased retention by Studenten.Paul Gruber has something that none of the wealth of resources that we have used in the past managed to do: enter a variety of fun Professor, engaged and focused, which can exist as one or two semesters.Even more amazing to me is that students will not only learn; As a speaker and teacher of the English language continues to fun in learning, as well as from my students, the rules of the American English expert Professor and keynote speech language features. Can be one of the many free email that you received. Significant improvements have been in only three weeks. I already have several recommendations to friends and colleagues.  He was a doctor in private practice for eight years. I come from China and have been living in the United States for 19 years. Italian was still never a problem for me, or in any way be embarrassed. You buy your DVD is not necessary, but curiosity and the desire to improve even more.I wish you more success achieving more non-native English. Thank you for this great course. 9 years, Teleperformance, one of the largest customer service organizations worldwide and the pronunciation workshops have a strong and long relationship. Paul Gruber has created far more than a normal voice and accent training tool. PW is me personally very close to our hearts, and it is a privilege to share our stories of success!Global activities, poor communication is one of the main reasons for the dissatisfaction of customers all over the world. High-performance car debate workshop was able to fix this problem for us. Thank you create Teleperformance and staff for a revolutionary training program on my account! When it comes to my clients, I'm nervous and I'm pretty sure, the interaction with clarity. Pronunciation workshop really helped me in my accent neutralization. Hurray!. Pronunciation workshops I found actually to be an excellent investment for me. I gained much more than I have spent. My opinion after foreigners must begin with the right direction after his arrival in the United States are working, until they learn the wrong methods. Thank you very much. I recommend this course to all my friends. And if I do, I feel good, me because I know how this recommendation is valuable and they can be powerful for this person. Paul has pretty much my eye (and mouth and ears) in some basic elements of English expression opened, I knew and not mind.He was brought up always focus in my speech. Finally, I spent some time looking for the best solution. I thought it was one, which was of high quality and is Paul Gruber and I bought his workshop, the DVD of the pronunciation is excellent. And I was also very grateful for the opportunity to take classes online with Paul Gruber. Teaches in strong and effective way, which eagerly expect and appreciate these lessons very well! This training is very useful for me, especially in my work and I do have results you are looking for fast. A very good course! If you world for the first time really can say the word in your life, you will understand what I mean when I say that you a course with exceptional results, after he had said to have found remarkable. Paul communicates his knowledge with enthusiasm, humor and wonderful simplicity, feel that you watch a training session, it is more likely to spend time with an old friend. Paul teach us, as our debate to improve; It does that is so relevant, meaningful and memorable. So thankful that someone out there, enough supported, pour out his heart on these videos and help that so many people I to understand. The people who surround me, have recognized the improvements with my English! This is what the best program I've seen. I believe that all foreign people would benefit from this course, they knew about this topic. I am a physician from Kazakhstan, he emigrated to Canada four years ago and decided to confirm my medical diploma. I went to many different places where I saw, like the talk people crashed with pronunciation in English. I found the course very useful to me. To see, in collaboration with the difficult sounds and my progress believe that training is just great! Thank you for an amazing price! Working very closely with NASA and the Pentagon, has recommended my company, the workshop: focus on the debate. A fantastic and rewarding experience! After working with the courses and personal training via Skype, I organize the meetings and my own technical presentations related trust to our high materials. Thank you Paul, you trust me, I need to speak English, the clear and easy to understand. I bought the course as a gift for my friend, because it helped me to improve my accent. I loved all courses, which I by Paul learned. I am a foreign student, and I had read always fear, in class or talk to people from my accent. This system has really worked for me and another friend in my school. Thank you Paul! You are amazing! I'm now 3 WINS in 4 times more than my first employer paid! I would not have it in the location, without having to do an internship.We have a country with great opportunities immigrated to the United States,. (We come from India). We enjoyed everything but the conversation with locals, because they don't understand me. I was so disappointed and depressed. I could find a good job with my accent!My wife wanted to I help me, online searches, and I found this program. My wife is a nurse educator and a RN and now stands for her doctorate in nursing at KU Med in Kansas. We have made this great program video. It has also helped my wife with his attention more to teach students. I heard and practiced with videos per day. My goal was to get a better job. How I improved, I got two job offers in 2 months! One was in the insurance and the other with a Toyota dealer. I have as a consultant for the sale in the Agency. Now sell cars by 15-25 of the month (sometimes 4 or 5 cars per day!).Many of my friends ask me about my work. How can Joji, got a job as you? I'm telling my friends about the program, and now she's already purchased the course for you.I always try my accent to improve even more, so I can more goals. We are very satisfied with our work, and now we can because we have good communication anything we want, buy!You will receive another order from our friends of the family. Are sisters from India in our Church. Do you want to speak English! We wish success to you, Mr Paul Gruber and his team. The course has not only altered the manner speak English, but changed my life too. I also thank God that I found your program on the Internet just in time.Of course I tell them my personal service on your journey, and I recommend it to everyone in India, not studied in an English school because of lack of financial resources or opportunities have been. If you want, don't hesitate to enjoy my work and experience, to publish, while millions of students in India and the sub-continent of her life as well as the direction. I'll be very happy if my comments help that thrive pronunciation workshops courses and reach every corner of the world, and those who over so passionately as American use. During my school years, I am an outsider. Now, all these brilliant students are jealous of my progress with my English accent and my related success. That is why I say that your course means a lot for me and was a change of life experience. Also thanks to mention Marc, India (what a small village in the State of West Bengal) my comments like these Indian students will understand as my site, your course of every corner of India reached and adjusted to improve not only the people of the metropolis, but for all the interest and passion, her English.  I have also no doubt, that it is those who take this course probably by his enthusiasm infected! Thank you very much!. Until I started the history of the seminars of the debate, I don't think that an accent of little or even no English could talk to you. (I have tried many programs in the past without much success). In the course of my personal sessions and video lessons, I could the path, to speak English, to correct for many years. I highly recommend this workshop without reservation. The training, I with the pronunciation was incredible. They showed me as an expert to detect the phonetic pronunciation. I argue here in the States for many years and still with only a single session, you can select specific words and accentuate the problems and cut them into highly organized and systematic way. Training is fun and I really do hope that the next. They do not tend to advertise my photos, but I'm happy to do that, you want to encourage, try more people to this excellent course that can really make a difference in their lives.Many other programs that I've bought, showed debate; But she could teach me how to properly to produce sounds. I looking for good pronunciation teaching materials for years and never have anything close. The workouts are fun, easy and above all the gods. For the first time in years, made your video me know exactly where my problems were and how to solve. I just want to thank you for your pronunciation course wonderful video workshop, which helped me.  I would like to know your schedule from the previous years. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Great! I took his course of videos and live training. Literally, look, listen and feel a significant improvement in my knowledge of English and pronunciation. What is the difference. Thank you very much!. This program is phenomenal. I tried various methods and laboratory of the debate is the best. The course is very well structured and logically presented. The material, which you is easy to understand and focused on the most critical points in my speech. I think that you easily see all non-native speakers should focus on areas and provides quick results. Great course! Thank you very much!. Paul, you're a great teacher, I've converted another great teacher! Yes, with the newly acquired American accent, now have I wait for my next session many more students to participate. I'm an English teacher here in India and I thanks you were my issues provides for the English course and a back allows you to manage. Credit goes to all you and your training in circulation. Thank you very much!. Mr. Gruber is one of the most competent experts, who have never worked.Medical highlights a long-standing history with the pronunciation workshops, such as Mr Gruber had helped many foreign-born doctors with communication problems. Physicians climax international gateway in the United States and for several years Mr Gruber were involved. I've personally seen, international medical graduates, the taxes in an attempt to overcome a domicile in the United States, the most important problems and cultural barriers.Paul Gruber was a consistent coaching responsibility to a positive outcome for the heyday of the field hospital accent to ensure reduction, and although with a nice smile and a positive attitude. Apart from the fact that a major fire, Paul was to give clinicians phenomenal innovative tools for the professional excellence in their work and their social competencies of quality assurance. Parties with the pronunciation workshops all the highlights of the doctors of who were involved in its creation had 100% success with creative ideas, personally developed by Paul in his long career.A benefit received Paul Gruber and his company for the Department and the water retention to ensure international doctors who fought with the conversation or gearing all abilities, to overcome problems of the approach. Mr. Gruber is a team player and recognizes that it is a crucial element of the process of acculturation and assimilation of the doctor. I highly recommend Paul Gruber and pronunciation workshop for any organization that attempts to strengthen their staff with the necessary expertise in the field of communication and understanding. As ESL/EFL teacher and Director of studies, works in South-East Asia and in China for many years, I have the laboratory program practices pronunciation training found valuable and effective under the available on the market. Their methods and teaching English pronunciation helps really quickly not only many of its non-native German language lifespan along Asia resolve problems, but also greatly improve their ability to speak English. The end result is that many of my students of ESL/EFL after a diligent to work a few months ago with her American accent training, the level of the English language with a degree of clarity and precision with regard to the pronunciation of the English consonants, vowels and stress, the word and syllable spoken considerably have improved. His training has helped, my students to clear confidence in English to communicate.The interesting thing is that I'm there for those who want not necessarily to reduce or your accent to get rid, finally now speak English correctly even if it would like to thank yet Asia has kept her accent lessons! They worked the course like a charm!Needless to say, I recommend your course for students of English, as well as 'Native' local English teachers in my current and future projects of the ESL/EFL education in Asia. Dear ESL instructors, power users and administrators of adult education: Paul Gruber of Pronunciación workshops are the best and the most exciting kind.  In fact, it is the only one of its kind, to the best of my knowledge.  Paul himself is one of the guys when it comes to major issues that are new English speakers, who are continuing their journey in the United States. Presented sessions connect to win and to fix. Both are fun and challenging for ESL Studenten.Koordinator of the Centre of higher education for adults in the State of Oklahoma, more than 2,500 ESL students serve in the last year I speak from my personal experience when I say that this series, thrilling and refines the skills of our students in English. Their spirits rose and directly on your pronunciation errors frequently questioned.In other words, the Gruber are just great. He was an integral part of our English courses and lessons from our master Planificación two years ago.  Pronunciation workshops adult learning center OCCC we found excellent support tool for our ESL students who don't miss a class.  I realized that students expect weekly meetings in the plenary, that most grew confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in their lives outside of the classroom. If you a series of videos, the money value and have significant impact on students and teachers are looking for, I can assure you, that Paul Gruber pronunciation workshops will be your best investment! Despite a very busy life, I recommend this course on international level physicians do. Paul has specific expertise to facilitate more complex medical terminology and language of science. I wish I would have made.I have practiced for years and sometimes I met colleagues and patients who show a polished face when I mentioned why don't really understand me. I did this course has helped me with communication with patients and colleagues. I have also many awards during the presentations. Before taking this course, she contacted, shielded, and led discussions with various organizations to improve the pronunciation, but this course is the most useful program and professionally designed a doctor with a private practice of life very busy in Oncology. Pronunciation workshops. First Republic Bank is a very satisfied customer, Paul Gruber of the pronunciation workshops program. I recommend the course of seminars for organizations, the measurable results.  Really made a difference, for our employees and how we see also showed an improvement in your communication skills at work, I think that the program has given them a skill to perform, to where it is.It managed the customer support for the company's products for the Bank, including a call center, which handles internal and external calls.  Last year we were that my group involved many staff on the program of the workshop of debate, more staff in the call-center-retail-Kunden.Die results were very positive. For those who have used the program DVD, it is significant in his speech how it improved from the front and then scores on standardized tests.  I personally have noticed that those employees who have gone through the program much more confidence when the talk had. Paul Gruber assured employees on the participants.  It is very encouraging, and all feel good about themselves and about their progress.  It turns out that employees began with enthusiasm to his sessions with Paul, because he felt so comfortable with him. We have a number of employees, which is non-English native speakers.  Very little or no one had never suspended a program of the plant or the soil before treatment.  The DVD program gives exact instructions as you sound right in United States customary English pronounce and many of our employees have found this guide very useful.  It was a pleasure, with Paul Gruber in the adaptation of the programme to our personnel work.  He was very friendly and willing to adapt the program to your needs. I just wish that they had taken the course ten years ago. I observed 14 years ago. Period of three years I learned to speak English, and I hope that my accent in the course of time would be reduced by itself. It's not happening. While taking his course, I realized that I have strengthened my bad pronunciation habits over the years. The training helped me to identify a number of issues in my speech, which was not aware. Thank you for your excellent program! I learned to love the pronunciation workshops program. Finally solved my desperate accent, which for decades. You have a way to break the long and difficult English sounds into small manageable pieces. The training was very productive and has increased my confidence in my work. Thank you very much for your help. In my English class we come from different countries and have a variety of accents and pronunciation. I am very grateful that Mr Paul Gruber in his speech and his American accent. It's hard to pronounce words, like the Americans, but with the video of Paul Corsi, learn the words correctly, such as the vowels and sounds pronounced move their lips and more! In a very short time, I'm understood now getting from patients and colleagues. Paul debate seminar program helped me focus, completely eliminate problems large and small, had. There were large gaps in my accent, she've ever seen, but did not know how to fix. There were also many other problems of the debate, I do not recognize.  Often I have been asked, repeating itself was very frustrating. Paul, you're the best! ,,.