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Hi Pat, Pat ” questions 1. Numbers put you then passive smart through research and social networks? Decreased by 15% of your visitors?I read that blogger Steve Pavlina million unique visitors per month and receives less than 1.5% of the search. Wrote quality content to readers in 2006 as its main strategy without time. It has the personal development niche. You will find below. A most excellent month. I ’ I'm glad that's settled, as Caine's arcade clips ’. This movie is really amazing. Reminds me of some things in the book to read the butterfly effect, which is also an amazing (Mr. ’ not affiliated) ’ m me just give credit where its due). The book is really like ’ m approach my niche site. Check it out you out from your local Library. Halten the good work, because it motivates me. Ernst. Certainly, I think you should have now that they have the best chance of success, “ in ” traffic resources Unlike Google and his subject. That fueled most of my sites with updating the Penguin, but I think the reason was that I was lazy, and most of my backlinking with blogs networks for sites, which failed. I m ’ sites from here to the work of the authority, as it is obvious, that the days of Web sites page-3 micro-niche finished ranking. It's time to work with Google instead of trying to fight. Graphic design is very stable and the site was consistently wins 45-50 per day in months for Adsense. This one of my new specialty sites very well done, is affected until the upgrade of the Penguin. You can do this at the end of the month in the table below Show: excellent article, not even Pat. Do you think Google wants to promote sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, etc for the first search results, although other smaller sites in the content? the classification of several specialized sites, which depend on these networks for increase backlink power were killed. All my sites been taken into custody, Well. would then draw last month prohibiting the virĂ©e de AdSense account?I've seen a lot of discussions in various forums on the Internet of people who were recently banned from Google AdSense. Even some members of the SPI Community announced that the accounts were also banned and many of those who are in the arena of niche, which probably belongs in the Web site. Hi Pat, you are an inspiration to me. I'm going to create two niche websites. Mentioned in the second example, love stories of people, and if you touch their hearts, it is certain that argue that what you give, because they have.Keep up the good work and God bless you! Congratulations for a month of great (and even) Pat! On your question regarding the content of the classification Tumblr and Blogspot I also noticed after upgrading too. Especially in some niche sites that had. Suddenly my ranking fell the first side (Dios know where it landed) and were replaced by Poles from blogspot. I think Google has the weight, what they did, because my rankings returned to their sense of place that deserves (not ’ t shady link building is all – only single page SEO). The first time that Google “ ’ vu ” … ’ Dance has pleased t). Maybe it was just a Google alert, as you say, or perhaps the algorithm is optimized and learned, because they recognize the effects, I had. There is a version of replay if niche obviously had done? I need to do the same things and after the duel of niche site can learn? Hi Pat, thank you for offering your feedback on Google Penguin, supposed to know if it concerns their niche in its monthly report. The ’ 's one more piece to complete the puzzle. Every month I ’ 'm still surprised by the results. But once again, they are more transparent and easy to use the network. People believe and trust, I had always thought such in creating web sites of authority and only recently began my adventure in some small niche sites. I must say that i love my authority sites, you can ’ t are small Web sites. I ’ vista was not a big fan of backlinking. In fact, any value other than a random comment on a post from 4 1/2 years later. I let that happen naturally.About 5 months ago, rented one is the link to my pages and I had never seen any results. I have a feeling that neither of these pages indexed. I went back to my old habits. Let it happen naturally. The ’ s worked for large sites, and ’ 's, where I want to be. As soon as I noticed the Penguin and Panda update to signify a slight decline in traffic, the final pages (8 months), but not a lot, but my older pages are very strong increase of traffic. Which is good, because they are the ones that make me money. Congratulations once again of his victory. You are an inspiration. Hi Pat, I've become a Tablet – especially on the results of the new Web site of Amazon (not recognized). Want to show possible constructs with?Thanks and good Wochenende. Y. I am still on it. So far, my business is based on the wonderful world of SEO and Google spam backlinks (thought to be excellent backlinks — Penguin took me at school) I'm with you on “ ” is a last resort and work diligently to put two of my pages in this direction. (It is possible that the reform?)However, there are some labels that are simply not profitable, “ ” power on. I really hope that the search for another way to take advantage of this niche of back-water. (Someone is — I?)To do this, I want 2 questions about backlinking test:-do you know what is the difference between the speed of the connection (IE link/30 days) between the two? -It was a difference were white pages (i.e. a room evenly 20 objective test B test pages unique presentation address, etc.), I'm very impressed that ’ t “ not, pour ” when he saw the first results of rear service part-time Association. Would. And now you can eat my words. Good job, to protect his reputation. Pat always challenging them, your earnings reports systematically clothes coupons one and 50 k mark. I like the tips of their 2 new niche sites, which is good to see that its characteristic building type again, may take longer, but it's worth it. This special website, no. 3 ranking was ’ primary keyword, is now with # 60. clear Ranking disadvantage. Why this happens?Because this is the real reason why Google, says – a backlink profile, she is not expensive and ’ t ’ s funny happened when it did.It was actually an experimental site that had worked with another experimental niche, a keyword to find similar numbers and competition in his line of sight.Here's ’ began the experience and how it was: I was contacted by a company for the construction of the – link, which apparently the same type of methodology, followed to outlines. Go stagnation!Your income report makes me ‘ to shoot the stars ’ as T. Harv Eker. And I liked your controls and safety of niche websites. And I love the fact that you get the most from the composition of the Committee. I would also like to make some product testing and victory of Wert. Die is teaching for me playing and marketing-the blog of the first. Hi Pat, I am, in fact, we're happy is much, much more than those who are trying to sell, enjoy a single word, everyone says they are.Keep up the good work and that every month, do better, ’ s my Wunsch. Danke there is something hidden. I also agree with you. I see many authority sites, the (allegedly) will appear on the first page of Google and niche, with few exceptions, sites of first or second page launched.This means that small businesses, once they do not participate in fraudulent actions are influenced.Waiting is the only option. I love the monthly reports. He demystifies this trade really. Thank you very much. I started a niche market, shortly before the upgrade of the Penguin under the influence. The web site began immediately the bat in a very open Mount BAM niche and can … was gone. I t ’ established, the amount of time and not be a ’ went everywhere in t. I am really very little backlinking to everyone, but I think it was a little too relaxed in the targeted keyword to insert links. At least the ’ 's all I could think of. I think soon again. My blog of the music industry, which went a few years ago, on the other hand (which do not have practically no linkbuilding) ’ not change at all. In fact, I think I saw a slight upturn in the search query. Hi Pat!A couple of weeks ago I found this site ’ and I can just stop listening to podcasts and posts on your blog reading. What I love to do and how you want! I drove a lot, and I just want to say thank you and thanks in advance to come! Work on some niche sites and hopefully soon the community to join! I think the most important lead, which is a donation only ’ t put all your eggs in one basket. The ’ 's was scary to see what is Google in recent months. I have a friend here in Cancun, I regularly with breakfast to go and said, what products sell themselves and their handful of friends in the field of health and wellness continues to be ’ t depend on Google for anything. Each very specific market niche, they ’ vista built in the last 4-5 years, are decent and fairly bulletin joint venture together in their communities to make Adswaps and cross and the like. I think, as you say, you're not with SPI and others of what is happening with the construction of his reputation, a number of control over the content. While important SEO, natural organic compounds of the site link where you ’ vista is a call at best. Yes, it may take a year or more to get results, but there is also no t ’ no risk with its long duration. I think it gives inspiration proves as a time determines that he can do more or less successful, he wants to do. The site is definitely one of my mentor ” “ primary websites when it comes to things, and ’ 's reports the detailed breakdown, income + works just as well for inspiration. I think bad ’ well involved are slowly along a … film Mad Props for that. It is interesting to see that your niche ” “ B adheres. The same strategy of SEO, security guard used for the niche, use?. Pat, ’ State view by reading the website, since the autumn of last year and although I do not want a website earn money here are invaluable lessons to win the position in time in a very narrow niche. Best wishes for your next trip and mike Prasentationen. I am concerned that Petit had two ranking, even the niche websites and “ for the past 4 months, both parties more than total livestock ” $180,00. It's pretty disappointing – why bother people trying to make a living online? $ 22.50 to sub-contract work site, set up a web site and the links (and costs) to the airport. Hi Pat, we are still creating Web pages and hope that a niche beyond that site would be to create sites. For starters, we are sure to generate backlinks with their strategy of linking two last items Wizard element levels in our Blog on Tumblr, WordPress, etc., want to know your thoughts on the longevity of the UAW for links, as regards updating the Penguin with – may constitute a disadvantage Google's future retrospective?Thanks, Tim. Hi Pat …. Good information, Google had the Penguin update. You know, I don't understand what all of my niche blog traffic down last month. ,,.