Acid Alkaline Diet

Acid Alkaline Diet Debunked

Do you know the product announcements as the coral Calciumor alkaline water to neutralize the acid in the Yourbloodstream? Intake of calcium or drinking alkaline water affects the acidity of the blood. Who says that some supplements Foodsor Understandnutrition has no stomach or acid blood. Does not believe that this is important, if foods are acidic or alkaline, since none of the foods change the acidity of what is in your body, with the exception of the urine. Acid tea stomach so that nothing can change its acidity. Vinegar, citrus fruits and vitamins such as folic acid or Ascorbic acid changes not acid circulation of blood or stomach. The acidity of the stomach for more than a few minutes would not change a bottle of pills or antacids. All food, stomach acid. Then enter the intestine where pancreatic secretions that neutralizes stomach acid. So no matter what you eat, the food in the stomach is acid and food in the intestines is alkaline. The urine cannot change the acidity of a part of the body except the dietary change. The blood and organs, monitoring the acid content in a very narrow range. About what changed the acidity in the body, it would be very sick and can even kill. The promoters of the demand for these products that survive the cells in an alkaline environment and not it is true, but it can also there are no cancer cells in the body. All chemical reactions in the organism in charge of chemicals called enzymes. For example, if you convert a version of chemical energy and chemical B, enzymes must start these reactions. The function of enzymes in a very narrow from acid range. (The degree of acidity or alkalinity is specified as Ph.). If your blood changes the degree of acidity or alkalinity for a reason, changed to a normal pH quickly again or these enzymes does not work and the reactions necessary chemicals do not dissolve in the body. For example, if you build your breath, carbon dioxide in the blood, which is very fast your blood to become bitter and unpleasant or even disappear. This requires that you immediately start again to breathe and the pH returns to normal. If the kidneys are damaged and acid can not be adjusted in the bloodstream, the evaluation of chemical reactions, toxins, which builds up in the blood, can and you die. Some processed foods, that can make the urine acidic or alkaline urine is the single body fluid can called ash that can change the acid from foods or supplements. -Alkaline ash foods include raw fruits and vegetables. ASH-acid foods are all animal products, whole grains, beans and other seeds. These foods can change the acidity of the urine, but that does not matter, because the urine in the bladder and not influence on the pH level of another part of the body. If you need more protein that the body takes part, your body can save so excess amino acids are converted into organic acids, which took the acidification of the blood. But the blood is never angry, because once you convert proteins in organic acids, calcium leaves the bones to neutralize the acid and prevent, any change in pH. For this reason, many scientists believe, that too much protein in osteoporosis causes bone can weaknesses. Blueberries have been shown to prevent that recurrent urinary tract infections, but not because its acidity. They contain chemicals that prevent the bacteria to urinary tract cells. Take calcium supplements or drinking alkaline water will change not the pH of the blood. If someone wants to say the feeling that your body is too acid and used its more alkaline product, would do well in not believing, do something different, said the person. ,,.