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(Who has worked as a voice Director) is now working on several film projects. This recent DCUAOM projects have also worked many voice actors in the film and previous DC animated series. damaging as conventional gasoline engines and 10 times more new diesel engines. The problem occurs because direct injection results in irregular combustion of a mixture of fuel and air (stratification) unequal and engines with fuel injection with more pressure in the cylinders than older engines directly.This pollution can be avoided with a filter relatively cheap, can significantly reduce particulate emissions. The filter is not yet necessary. They are both a motor or as sophisticated arrangements, ports exhaust and intake open at the same time, at the end of the career of the piston for cleaning. 2-stroke traditional, in a part of the mixture air/fuel in the cylinder from the crankcase through the input channels goes unburned, directly, through the exhaust port. With direct injection, only air (and usually a little oil) come from the crankcase and not injected fuel until the piston rises and all the doors are closed. It calls its process of protected octane boost. Direct injection of ethanol increases gasoline octane number 88-91. used direct injection. Bosch injectors were used (the spark plugs were relocated cylinder head) into the holes in the cylinder wall of candles in other Mercedes-Benz, inserted six-cylinder engines. Preferably several applications less costly fuel injection indirect injection was Methoden.Forschung later in 1970, with the support of carried out. Direct-injection engine and the DKW already working in mechanical master class at the end of the Decade of 1930 with good results. Although the direct injection, higher performance and fuel efficiency, carbon occurs construction suction valves, which reduces to the cylinders and then reduced that makes the flow of air over the course of time. Fuel contains different detergents and can make their contribution. If the fuel is more than the intake valves, small amounts of dirt from the air intake draw cakes of wall the sucked air, even with air filter, to prevent most of the dirt in the cylinder. Found in the Lexus 350 V6, an advanced direct injection system, is the direct and indirect injection fuel injectors dual cylinder, a traditional port (low pressure) fuel injector and a fuel injector direct (high blood pressure) used in a system known as D4-S. combined, or cylinder. Direct injection of fuel into the combustion chamber requires high pressure injection, while low pressure injection uses multiple section or cylinder.In some applications, can be a direct injection of gasoline. The S-TEC system for use in the performance of two-stroke bike was adapted recently.Yamaha also has a system of direct high pressure injection (HPDI) for two-stroke outboard engines. It differs from orbital direct injection systems and Fanny/E-TEC, because it is used to generate the pressure needed to fuel injection in a pasture, independent driven pump, high pressure belt mechanical. This is similar to the recent. . Also only very few people knew how direct injection and injection pumps require frequent adjustment. Repair and service was overloaded brand Bosch and many cars were converted into the injection pump.Uses two types of GDi with two strokes: low-pressure air-assisted, high pressure. The first, developed by orbital engine Corporation of Australia (now orbital Corporation) injected a mixture of fuel and compressed air in the combustion chamber. When the air expands it atomizes fuel. The orbital system is used, often began with gasoline and then changed to operate with diesel or kerosene. The Hesselman engine was a low compression design, to run heavy fuel oil.Gasoline direct injection was applied during the. in 1952. It was essentially a pump, diesel direct injection of high pressure with an entry of the butterfly valve in the city. (Diesel only changes the amount of fuel injected to distinguish the output, no gas) This system uses a normal petrol pump fuel for a MUS offer mechanically, injection pump, which delivers a piston from the fuel injector was divided very high-pressure injection into the combustion chamber. The 1955 at the time, as the jets of the nozzle at the back of a closed valve. An engine direct injection, where the injection nozzles directly in the cylinder, the piston movement is limited to the acquisition. Increases the faster speed, reduces the time that injected fuel. Latest ISP systems, which have enough pressure fuel injection, even in the compression phase suffer not so much. However, always walk to inject during the drain cycle (that they could, but waste food only). Therefore, all other factors are equal, a FSI engine larger nozzles to achieve the same power of a conventional engine. Some engines, with work around this limitation, the use of direct injection and multi point injection (-) under other changes, power supplies, part of the rule changes for the 2014 season, direct injection was prescribed, not regulatory 5.10.2 say there must be only one injector per cylinder and directly, without priming valve or valves are permitted prior to the River below. Direct-injection twin-turbo-charged engine its Coupé 335i and for series 135i and 335i sedan 535i inline-6 models. (EMS), which regulates the function of injection and ignition, rather than a gas stove, which restricts the flow of air. Add this function to the improvements significant EMS for its treatment and requires your memory, like direct fuel injection and speed of the engine management system, has very precise algorithms for good performance and handling. ,,.