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Detox for Lungsdetox Lungsnatural Detoxlung Herbsherbal lung, Lung Detox Foodslung Detox Detoxlung Detox Vitaminslung Detox lung Programherbs Detoxhow Lungsdetox your Lungsdetox Lungsdetox for Lungshow for Lungshow Detox, detoxification detoxify your Detox vitamin Lungslung. a lung infection is characterized by an accumulation localized pus and abscess of the destruction of lung tissue. It may be a complication of pneumonia or tuberculosis. A lung abscess can drink up to a period of monitoring of alcohol. Infected material was sucked (usually in a stupor) sleeps in an inflammation of the bronchial system and product. Lung cancer can be also responsible for the formation of an abscess.The first symptoms are pain in the chest and a dry cough. Later, this can be followed by fever, chills, cough, headache, sweating, foul-smelling discharge and dyspnea. If the abscess is a complication of pneumonia tend to be, an exaggeration of symptoms symptoms of pneumonia how moderate.If you form a lung abscess, in the acute phase and treatment with antibiotics are usually effective. . Other tasks include the filtration of the blood, it serves as a reservoir to store blood and the role of metabolic activity. See also Farbtabellen.Die are made of elastic fabric lungs filled with piping systems and contribute to interlaced air bags and blood vessels, blood. I have in the terminology of acupuncture is a deficiency of qi or energy manifests itself by filing pulmonary, disease, rapid shallow breathing, weak cough cracked snout. It is also a biopsy sample may be performed simultaneously or bronchial secretions cells faded and stained, and studied.If the quick treatment of lung cancer, is necessarily. If the malignant cells are widespread, the surgical removal of a lobe of the lung, cancer, or a whole lung can identify itself. A significant number of persons who may be affected by lung cancer can be cured with these operations, if the operation is performed in a timely manner. In some cases, broad participation in surgery is not possible; These patients are treated with radiation and the walls of the alveoli continue pressure intrapleural normal must remain intact. If results of a breach in a break in the cellular membranes, air enters the cavity pleural by the break and produced the pneumothorax. Pulmonary pneumothorax detection and reduce the accumulation of fluid or air in the pleural cavity can go by air or fluid in the chest cavity (n a complication inflammation and infection of the lung, often caused by aspiration of contents tubes infected mouth offer a method step by step regarding the expansion of the lungs.) (Test specifications are then examined to determine the capacity and lung volume. Dilation of the bronchial tree and alveoli are marked pulmonary vasodilation, decreased resistance to the blood circulation in the lungs, the constriction of the ductus arteriosus, remove the fluid of the bronchial tree to the fetus. Diseases of the lungs. Carried to the lungs, the air is filtered, humidified and heated on the road that runs along the respiratory tract, but can however irritants and infectious organisms, and when the body is low certain serious diseases could result in resistance to lung of reason. These diseases include. One of the few viscera fill the pulmonary cavity of the thorax, blood aerated respiration concrete bodies is. In humans, the right lung is slightly larger than the left and is divided into three lobes (superior, middle and basal or lower), while left two lobes (an upper and lower or basal). Each lung is tapered irregular, with a diaphragm, a convex surface (costal surface), a surface of medial or concave base internal, dull of the upper limb (APEX), after the usual concave curve (Mediastinal surface), a fine, sharp edge and a round Ridge. a rare disease in cats that have become a metastasis of primary lung cancer, usually several, as well as figures and other sites. Sorry your brother is so unhappy with her symptoms and agony obvious, it is understandable, are caused.With the light of the Sun, the spirit, he called photophobia a symptom for some types of lupus, or maybe he can take place an effect of a drug. Swelling of the neck by an allergic reaction, perhaps given the prednisone caused, patients with asthma or lupus, hyperthyroidism.You should as soon as possible that a doctor will be, if it does not. She wants to stop breathing. lassen.Dan d. heart, inflated lungs. My brother Bennet, seventeen and birthday morning. But I think you already have your 17th birthday: Lupus.Er was diagnosed with lupus, but some minor complications are even diagnosed. He had always been high hopes. Now, as my Deterioates health in a strange, you can not walk. His heart is in poor condition, their lungs are inflated, so are your joints. His voice is almost here and for her birthday 18. swelling of face, because certain glands of the neck is swollen and he doesn't like what he sees in the mirror, she said. It is very sensitive to the Sun, so it is all day and if you decide to go, that it was so depressed after 8 or 9 p.m.He, it is. Why he sees his dreams of transcendental, family life is cracks and feels as if it is every day more useless. How long yet?Perhaps another 30 years. Maybe even a Tag.Wer can help you SURV. total flows into the millions. The alveoli are surrounded by a network of capillaries. Through the hair thin membranes provide air and lungs the blood of their exchange of oxygen and Kohlendioxid.Die are divided into lobes, the left lung has two (lobe superior and left lobe below left) and the right to three (right upper lobe, lobe Central of the right and bottom right of the canvas). In turn are divided into pulmonary segments that are about 20. Protect each lung is a two-layer membrane that surrounds the lungs and pleura that contains a liquid lubricant between the inner and outer layers. prescribe to facilitate drainage of lung and respiratory Bronchioles in the exudate. In most cases this treatment results in a cure. If the abscess is chronic, surgery may be necessary, which usually includes the removal of part of the lung, which contains of the abscess, one of the two main organs of respiration, on both sides of the heart into the chest cavity. The lungs provide the blood with the inhalation of oxygen from the outside air and the elimination of the carbon dioxide (CO2) in exhaled breath in the process. We know the story, showed that unknown cancer and precancerous tissue changes are many smokers and rare among non-smokers. These results led published surgeon general in the United States to appoint a Commission of inquiry that ultimately has a report that cigarette smoke is a health hazard sufficient importance to justify appropriate measures to the United States. Given that the factors causing slow cancer and a tumor found near the periphery of the lung lungs produced, the first symptoms are vague, or perhaps not at all and nearly one third of the cases are at an advanced stage, when they are discovered. Cough is the most common and first symptoms. Chemistry first, later these cough sputum produced, which are finally mixed blood. A block is often a symptom of persistent wheezing in the chest and shows partial obstruction in a Bronco. Pain in the chest, weakness and weight loss are the following symptoms as Keuchen.Die diagnosis is based on a complete physical examination, including a chest x-ray. If a suspect must see x-ray density, samples of sputum examined the presence of malignant cells are microscopic. A. some people who smoked the lung cancer can do a lung cancer with a person who smokes. Lung — 2 — left / right breathing organs in the rib cage on the side of the mediastinum and protected by the ribs, sternum and back in front of the vertebral column. The lungs are the site of gas exchange, respiration, both of O2 in and distribute CO2. At birth, the lungs are pink / white, but with age and exposure to air pollutants, the lungs are grey and black for CO2 capture and Feinstaub.Lung ApexEach extends to low pass level, just above the level of first sections of lung Rippe.BaseEach in the diaphragm, the respiratoiremuscle primary, the chest and the abdominal cavity separate cavities.Each lung is divided into the upper and lower lobes. The Central lobe usually has a triangular suburb, the upper lobe of the right lung. The right lung is smaller due to the location of the left side of the heart larger and heavier than the left lung. Each (master) hile connect the lungs, heart and trachea and consists of a large bronchus, pulmonary artery (the main artery that returns blood to the lungs, the left or the right in the arms of O2), the pulmonary vein (left of blood arterial O2 ports by the lungs to the heart enough), the bronchial arteries and veinesnerfs and lymphatic system. The lungs are a thin layer, called the visceral pleura covered serous, having permanently the thoracic cavity, pleural pleural, parietal covers the inner surface. The layer of tissue called mesothelium flattened. Under the pleura is a layer of elastic fibers, to cover the surface of the lung and its subdivisions extending down. The Act divides the trachea and bronchi left hand, which, as the trachea in composition and little by little they branch out in small areas — tracheo-bronchial tree, leader, moistens and warms inhaled air.NervesThe lungs are pulmonary plexi recto and the verso the sympathetic nerve nerve innervates.HistologyThe tracheo-bronchial tree is covered by epithelium of column and glands, phlegm and mucous membranes that produce the liquid. Eyelashes, the snake moves in a motion uniform, beaten, the respiratory tract from dirt and germs, a process facilitated by a layer of watery mucus to clean. The lungs damaged by smoke, is maybe defective or absent eyelashes, and replaced by squamous metaplasia. Coughing resolves a flow high speed air and mucus (sputum) mobility, which also contains the nasal secretions and saliva.The passage of the lung parenchyma bronchial lung consists of approximately 130 000 clusters of spongy called lobules of alveoli, each primary measure 3.5 mm in diameter, with a 2,200 air pockets in the ducts and alveoli. Branches of the bronchi exceeding 1 mm in diameter with cartilage and segmental bronchus hot. Smaller subdivisions, the Bronchioles, have no cartilage and are divided into Terminal Bronchioles, ends lines alveolar, swollen, irregular projections, gas exchange, sacs. Alveolar regions contain a than similar substance such as detergents, surfactants, which reduces surface tension in the air sacs and prevents falling during respiration. O2-poor blood is produced in the lungs through the branches of the pulmonary artery in parallel of the bronchial tree, eventually subdivided into pulmonary closure mesh network in the walls/gap small Airways and alveoli of the lungs. The Pulmonary veins carry O2 rich blood from the lungs. You start in the pulmonary capillaries come together for larger branches form — z. B. right and left Pulmonary veins, upper and lower — and eventually lead to the left atrium of the heart. The heart pump rich blood oxygen after the body through the aorta. Each lung consists of an outer sheath, the serous tissue colobomatous subserosa and parenchyma. Serous layer covers the slim, visceral pleura. Woven Subserosa colobomatous contains many elastic fibers and invested the entire surface of the body. Parenchyma bands page divided into lobes main lobes, each of blood vessels, lymph, nerves and is alveolar spaces of air duct connection. The surfaces of the lungs are partially concave, heart of heart toggle. Blood to the lungs to feed and originate from the ventral surface of the thoracic aorta or intercostal arteries, aortic bronchial arteries. Bronchial vein is formed at the root of the lung. Most blood bronchial gave the left atrium of the heart from the Pulmonary veins arteries in return. White rose at birth and life later are the lungs darken. Colouring is filed by granules of carbon in tissue colobomatous near the surface of the lungs. Carbon deposits increase with age. The lungs of males are typically heavier than women and usually have a greater capacity. The amount of air that can be expired from the lungs after inhalation tiefstmogliche, 3700 cm³, vital capacity, in the Middle,,.