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Derivation, but pleasantly simple prog approximates Thesarcastic fusion of classicalBest song: collection of House KINGTrack: 1) focus (voice); (2) black beauty; (3) SugarIsland; (4) anonymous; (5) the House of the King; (6) happy nightmare (mescaline); (7) why dream; (8) development (Instrumental).I'm probably the world largest fool first progressive bands of Albumsby young immature, because very often at the beginning of training "period where you will find the perfect combination between tradition and innovation. But the beginnings of the concentration are a little Toodifferent to me as a revelation allegro to consider; Indeed, as well as the classical period a disappointment for me because Beingseriously was widespread with filling, their debut album has been a Disappointmentas for a good and why? Ah! Because there is nothing better than the conventional approach. It seems that another band sound in general.Here is somehow the ancestors AndThijs Jan Akkerman band, will play under vacuum with Martijn Dresden in the bass and drums by Hans Cleuveron. None of them would be able to attend the Nextalbum and therefore focus for example conventional drums by Pierre VanLinden gathered here. But the biggest difference is that the band only as the title of the album and the focus moves too often. To say it in other words, an album that is taken too seriously and grossly Itselffar derivations of the ELP (OK, good Maybethe made PEL was only upwards then) is Jethro Tull and blues-Rocka cream Rafiki. The latter held influence in Followingalbums distributed, but two are old typical for this first album, and if your logs for use later to the top, you will be surprised. Noyodelling? Without comic nuance (except maybe the sugar island ' where stupid Lyricsare somehow). Pretentious mythological references do in 'black beauty '? trying to make profound statements? Those the they think bad company?Subsequent games to draw even the best disc, if you are not the kind that resemble released an album, because it will be infinitely not properly in the vibrations of the appropriate mood. The melodies are almost worst than in the following parts of the product, when it is derived from Somewhatmore - and is quite short, which makes low stuffed Solamenteun. The best known - are in fact, IfI not famous deceived here number was the home of the King, make something Akkerman applications clearly Jethro Tull-style. By the time like me on the radio, Tull, many people have demonstrated with devastating and flute; But the most fun of all is articulated with hindsight, that it seems that the song actually greater than sound JethroTull, wood may be haunted, weather or even later - I think that in 1970, Ian was still in the mood for this instrumental folklore Komische Danceflute pen. ? Seems a bit to live in the past, but only a little. Comparisons with 'Jig Martens' and you, which suits. And my impressions? A Verypleasant very of small catchy tune. Very soft.There are also many numbers vocal here van empty (this is my credits do not list the singer) show a clear voice and Gentleaccentless, but not the Yodeling. Not yet. 'Black beauty' and ' happy nightmare (mescaline) are the two leading ladies, looks like a cross between Santana and caravan, head relaxed, mixture of guitar heavy than its predecessor and a bit mystical, almost childish innocent to achieve the latter. None is really a memorable melody, but they are Pleasantwhile are mostly only mescaline energetic jazz guitar and the majestic beauty of riff in brass. There is also a ultra Theuniversalist Ernst, because work inside, sitting next to your hi-fi system in your hands, I leave with head requests dream, the kind of song, the impure thoughts Perfectworld and all the best new person height clean your heart. I'm not. It is very annoying. The number Remainingvocal is the island of parodic sugar with their Latin, empty Withvan reasons, complain of the Cuban revolution. In the context of the album is a parent somehow, but perverse, it is likely to be the next Inmood to the classic style of the development, it would emerge from the next data record.The other numbers are instrumental - oh, apart from the opening, a slow repetitive shuffle that asks us to love accent rolling with us anywhere in particular, simply repeat the same organ Linesover vague and many and repeatedly, an introduction is really discouraging. ' Abdullah and nine-minute instrumental reprise of the ' approach is just jam to work which mammothized versions, which would bring the fire III.Well, almost the drums of jam is not all that is great and there are more than a direct influence of the Blues, all these ElementsAkkerman and empty van would resume in the future. "But at least are Reshorter and guitar Akkermans technology is at least firmly established - anonymous hot solos ' sometimes called.However, the album is not all that is very strong. a typical product of its time, manage their worst excesses, but it is also not a large part of its better einin remain free. Good attempt of boys Dutch, but the sounds of the condescending God's Word Niceis, or what? I hope that Fansdon can't fool me this massacre. In contrast, the disk has never been fans of beiFrauen. A page is like a good meal. Page 2 is served a mediocre meal, before a chance, it is good had to digest.Best song: HOCUS POCUSTrack collection: 1) Hocus pocus; (2) the tramp; (3) Janis; Waves in motion 4); (development release 5) II, 6): formation of the classical approach is mounted, to treat the band number of the world ' Strademark. This is one of the rare occasions when a group of Knownsong from best (in fact, the only known song!) is actually more be Idiosyncraticone. Abracadabra is essentially a fairly typical rock Anni 70 the number of Scenehard. This main riff the composition on the fact that we belong to anyone, dark white purple. It, however, we can achieve with so much dedication Boogie, better would be "Parrot" so 'who' or something to change. This Flying Dutchman knows how rock ' do roll, or at least not some scruples have even released rock and roll, as opposed to say: Yes, could look Boogie actually in the credits. (Well, maybe it was a good thing, too - try not to get UriahHeep musical equivalent of 9/11 if someone that should not really dolls).In the middle of the hectic front focus ', however, sees in these primaries Intermezzo-van Leer crazy Yodeling, followed by a crescendo of Comicaloperatic, but then there is guitar, flute and even something resembling a popular cock-based harmonica solos. Of course they are alternately in hard rock with additional elements such as these, as their album of the concept of the listeners, you are for Artsiness. Since no matter what extra item simply aggressive all or part, at least, ten times, but this drunk as a body, not the slightly repulsive Artsiness, irrelevant, which is actually a series of different orchestras of affairs threaten neither more nor less Putyet. Fun at work Artsiness, dizziness, which held the public in their fingers than andfully involved without it is subjected to brainwashing. And a melody that will succeed, it is a good example I very artistic ose, preserving the factor joke something, not to say, has never been easier, ELP, to make your number, were artistically or a joke, but at the same time Practicallynever. Great melody. And go read a Singingtalent.Jetzt impressive comes the part since probably the first line of the magazine waited: the rest of the album is almost as impressive.Sorry, but in my case at least, it's true. The rest of the register sound Isdecent, sometimes beautiful, but never jaw-droppin'-quality-unbeatableby-the-book progressive equipment, typical of the early ' 70. This Primarilyapplies following along on the side of "Home" for me, playing as someone Suninspired, superficial response to Tarkus. Now, I have no idea if Tarkus is really a source of inspiration for these guys the Notesstate of data that it could be between April 13 and may 14, 1971 is the registration whereastarkus not officially published until June of the same year.This means, however, may be not at the beginning of the version of the suite at the concert does not have, or are really planning this who or who are treated for early demos.But the answer, no matter if it was the first "Tarkus" or "Eruption". What is important is that in 1971 PEL and pioneer Focuswere has shown art rock long edge Symphony, Yetwhere, really exciting possible genres, Tarkus erupción looked more like a stalemate. First of all, has no singing at all. And Don ' TCall or dish to disguise an inexpensive complaint. I am usual progressive epics without no votes; and I'm not insurance that could be used for this purpose, because assuming part of the song shows the most experience. Secondly, it seems that Repetitionin elements. Thirdly, the question is missing only the kind of Fokus.Gibt is not an objective, focus. What is worse? It is only a matter of Ajay, remain missing. Still Oh, no. I'm not joking mood Todayanyway.Siehe, a progressive epic, to really succeed, it must be overwhelming.I don't care. A range of synthesizers testify from time to time can be hungry on the mammoth cabezade as a bird of prey. Or maybe a very cathartic melody to recalling Identiki ye olde times the courage, idealism, romance, Andunshaved armpits. But "Éruption" has none of that. On the other hand, is more like a long very twisted jam jazz-rock fusion, Whichjust breeze ocasionespara read from time to time go play some soft piano solo form, then you'll find where we last remains off.Everywhere it has no plot in the mixture. If by chance Heardboth erupción and "T." already, make me a favor and find that a framework compares the two moments, when the introduction of quiet Unexpectedlyreplaced you receive dynamic organ melody. Tarkus threatens the melody consumes-forcing my visions to life if not necessarily Armadillotanks, then however rather extravagant and frightening altering normal nature. The species 'Outbreak', just melody. It happens.Somehow. because it must occur. It is happy or Dangerousnor. This is only a melody of the organ. Not tear the senses. To give your tear? Pick up the pieces and I sent to the Inspektion.Das does not mean 'Rash' or something horrible. It has had its share of Apple juice. Jan Akkerman called in some fantastic Blues Guitarsolos then how thin and pretty melody for sounds on the part of Eurydice (apparently the whole looks like a tale of Orpheusstory music, but it is quite difficult to get links, even if the name and numbered Sectionslie in front of you). Pity that 90% of the Creditsgo van Leer-there are times when I would do it in secret, who left the Yodellingand playing and composing in Akkerman, the link Strongestmusical in the band had attacked. Unfortunately! In progressive rock, it is that the Keyboardistwho always has the last word.Fortunately, Akkerman seeks second best song of the album, the instrumental ballad Janis responsible Firstside out. Ah, this movement of the waves this first approach almost exclusively instrumental Albumto be? It is not only "eruption" Onlyfully voice for the track number title, except if you count Abracadabra yodelling and a limited number of choirs without words in a few Otherspots. But as always, lack of voice 'Janis' seems to be an obstacle (ironically, only had an idea than an obituary of song from Janis real-uno of the best of the cases, the singer in the soil), given that it has a way of expressing any necessary flute found beauty. Not the Tull flute by aggressive hocus pocus, Buta alegre Jersey soprano and Alto flute in the Renaissance style. Because there is no trace of this tenderness in 'erupción' Stillmakes the question I have. Maybe I slept something?Akkerman gets this time as players of glittering, focus II, dergegebenenfalls Fromsimilar a piece silent, imperceptible, mediocre, indistinguishable 'Outbreak', if it wasn't the Jan guitar solo, which begins the song without becoming a ballad or elevator Muzak. (The sound of the guitar is also blurred, piercings, you see people up sometimes miscarriages lifts and heart attacks are treated).Experience, identify the mobile wave Worksabout as a bad movie with a great actor, where you can spend the majority of their plea by the actor off the rare screen, rather that simply enjoy the total time, but as the album. Unfortunately, which means that I'll be forever as a good point of departure for WithFocus, there no hocus pocus smartphones, will be, because during most of the recording with the hit only the best results. On the other hand, it is not easy to find one, it is better? But if the progressive rock of the oxygen mask, after the start, this. One thing cannot be denied that this type is first idealism 70 classic and had only her long hair to prove it. Serious work and masterful in the first page Instrumentation and song Sekunde.Bester Anenigma: SCAREMTrack list: 1 HAREM) Delitae Musicae; (2) the harem of harem scare; (3) LaCathedrale of Strasbourg; (4) birth; (5) hamburger concert; 1974 first birth. (6) he saw the release of their last album completely focused and development can make moisture, what many believe to be the best. Still have listen that waves move, but I still say the Hamburg concert at least a piece on a different data set approach be evaluated even if it is only because it is slightly more than his debut and much, much more Economicthan focus III non-conventional. It has good songs! Almost all new instruments, put aside some known jams Yodeling by van Leer, but isn't not this gentleman of the time! It is a recording of the Blues-Rock, and not the Provandoa imitate cream somehow. None. What you are trying to a concise summary of all things prog, and DOI masturbate with guitar folk-prog for acoustic guitars contemporary medieval Classicalpiano, Rick Wakeman synthesizer solos questionable. Perhaps, but somehow everything seems to parody (unless they have been bitten knowingly or two I want to sound like parody - after all, Greatnessesof is one of the axes are mostly instrumental virtuosity of group with a keen sense of humour) and add your own Dutch aid. Means as well as beautiful melodies and emotional resonance, but heard a record of eleven voting, which cannot go without the.I would like to join them for the trip. It is interesting! Openswith ' Delitae Musicae is only a value of minutes of classical guitar and flute, an Atmosphericintro perfect for the joys (and occasional delusions), consequences. The next track is the sequel to terror magnificent harem pants harem inspired, energetic band Andpassionate Hocus Pocus - and arguably worst iota. Did rhythm guitar and lead piano, listen, then giggle her threatening derecho-channel - who is who? Hit low? padded wood block? Guess what? -took over van vacuum Yeh-Yeh-Yeh-Yeh-Yehand enters the pleasure. Slow, relaxed, medium sections are not attractive, but the accordion of touch French heap is clean and much more is ' Rereally required only if necessary between the section of the Intermezzo of Labi Pulsationof quickly. In addition, it's fun. What do you do?The album then seek in a coma near Strasbourg Cathedral, over a showcase for the style of Bach van Leer piano improvisations. Directed by body real but fled are actually, in an Authenticsheen and of course slowly melody gains and strength and grace rhythmic and with a little effort, the rear can really majestic after - and in the same time, type and the benevolent self-image of the Cathedral. And finally the first page a time sink we removed at birth, a melody invaded to sink, but with time. Due to the dominance of the flute in the main theme, which again can help draw associations with Jethro Tull, but not medieval themes, there is a Tull Kindacomplex, I would say. There are direct links, a Betteropt for the period of "prog" of Griffin, as the Red Queen of the three Griffin, or some Rick Wakeman. I'm usually not a big fan of these compositions, but it has problems very well distributed and marked by a series of twenty minutes, Nowheredoes to print offering all forgotten only capabilities really closely and play really powerful, IFI also mention that this record of Colin was and links that are second hand van Linden.Dann once again, really the problem ("hamburguesa" - concert) in cuestiony, there is no final decision on the worst of things. If it affects a relative composition of Shortclassically as the birth, it is one thing; If you have a whole symphonic concert, ugly head, no matter how much push you pushing down changes and pretentious dives underwater. Sitting on the fence in a style typically am Llsay, there are moments of solids and the weak. I'm Rimpiazzatadal, but it was a good decision for the riff, weight of the burden of closing (you know, who reviewed the final shock takes a few times before) for the album and Abbey Road as the main topic, I want to hear, oh, Yes, OK, now you go tonight in my dream to be, then a solo from Ringo. I am Alsosceptical by the extensive use of high-tech synthesizers, including the ugly tone of Banksynth. But the positive side is the sequel to Cleverlydivided in several short sections with different melodies and Differentevocations, including some hilariously pompous van empty solo Vocalson guitar and the average section intelligent non - jam model. Now, as always, make the call. As a bonus, art also birth, that is exactly what it says, this is a previous birth, Slightlyless, interesting, but more swings and short also. A large and Upliftingguitar until the end. Kinda like Dave Gilmour Kalkul.also, count your way as a Goshdarnit 11 low, these types of Reallywent to a line of inconsistent data sets. If I Pensarea that the combination of all of their albums on the plate of the best material, one hell of a record. Hello, hocus pocus, you want to be there! And "Sylvia"! And 'round goes the Klatsch! It is the home of the King. And 'Haida '! And "birth." The best results of prog Dutch did! And the rest of the Japanese? Only collectors of collectors. Well, at least the title is great, although Johann Sebastian would probably be funny humor, as always happens with irreducible. Warning: this page point of view is not fan of focus writes of young and perspective in general isn't fanatic development. Lee if I am deeply offended by criticism, not worship approach to your favorite artist or free donot play some more comments. If you're not, please read. Play life. Play live. OHA, can play live! Figures. ¿(Mejor canción: HOCUS POCUSTrack Colección: 1) III; emphasis? (2) comments? Questions! Questions?Response!; (3) focus II; (4) outbreak. (5) abracadabra; (6) Sylvia; (7) HocusPocus (Reprise).The obligatory, i.e. - feeling alive album! listen to! -A double bed Beachten. Now is this cute? After an album double immense, vast, useless, after only a little hardware full-LP? There was a time where they were regarded with suspicion when VersprechenNur has released a single LP live material value, but I think that only an other 'fire' of the band. And at a time when even when Arguablyreached the peak of its popularity with fans excited by the Guitarabilities of Jan Akkerman and all. How is the album? Very well. It is also a way to total disappointment, because the first part, a perfect note by note of recovery (with minor modifications) dedicated ' III and answers focus? Questions! Suite/jam, since the last album and I liked a lot. The weakness of the band ' ASTECH, improvisation and I am is so ingenious, Studio, remained only little for them in a real environment. Guitar Sfunky fly Akkerman like a madman and an organ by Thijs van Leer at my level as a homosexual is energetic, but rational sapiens see Nopositive through which anyone interested in this Recreationsso Catcopy, how to spend their money. (OK, so my money wasted, but how he was white, which should not be wasted before it really lost?)Also wait a bit, review has not finished yet). However, there is only Nothingparticularly of the first special page in the same way, I'm not a big fan of "Focus II" and rash skin-plus first fusion paid standard, if in this context, it is not fundamentally different from tsonorisation 'Focus III' and ' responses? Questions! (Except "Eruption" considerably reduced is that Innessun has done well). As usual, everything works as a decent background music, but has an absolutely zero almost resonance and sensitivity. In fact, there are parts erupción-soft first break of sleep.The fun starts just before the start of the last Fourteenminutes. This version of easy live abracadabra is the Definiteversion of the classical approach more fast and more disturbed than original, the metal riff precise age Flash speed and impeccable Andvan WithAkkerman empty also hilarious as always and forever and more prolonged exercise YODEL YODEL Disablefunction song Whichcauses go to the hearing in the middle of some applause of verification. Sichdas that the most beautiful part of the melody is ultimately as the band Membersare a pickup truck read more or less the same Yodellingstyle with you the names of the members and fascinating tasks ONETO sing introduced. It's really funny.After a replay, which launches the band 'Sylvia', is Tbrand like wind-up please - without a doubt the best approach number 'after' HocusPocus and deserves to be a single successful. But unfortunately Reallyclose did with the original, as well, and then the album ends with a repetition of the reserve of the customs of abracadabra why because? It is without doubt one of the live album invented more stupid I've ever heard. Damage: bands good and productive as approach could certainly merit better better follow the list and an operating time, but on the other hand, has more Sourceif saying that it was an overview more or suitable for live performance on Theircontemporary, maybe I'm less read far too many questions.And this report, which has been relatively short, summarize the things also tell General to get rid of the album live prog. While the explanation of the provocation is that these direct served powerful album Yes, ELP, Genesis, etc., in the 1970s, a purpose in life (to demonstrate that they had out of the occasion, its Complexmusic, if you live to play), is actually a little more complex than that.Bands that have a big 'Rock' - low somewhere in Theirguts, yes tested yet for example, to remember the Liverule basis a live album due to its counterpart with sound Studio - more and accelerated the adrenaline level upwards. One method of Theatralizethe in almost all the others, is proven as Genesis, (badly their live album, Genesis has not Reallymanage for this purpose); others, such as the PEL, use your Liveplatform your game skills so that they can not 'don' thave was legitimate popular Studio album, things raises additional sand improvisation; Finally, the bands sometimes something really different, LikeProcol Harum used with their live album Symphony Orchestra and so on. In other words, you cannot use, to take only the model of equality for all and then; People have different reasons for different things. But the Rainbow is not really an end more find some '. It is not more difficult than the Studio album Rock, except perhaps hocus pocus; The theatre is not Sonoaltre as speechless; This is not, show that more than AndAkkerman van were empty as in the study. No unpredictable songs, pas Unpredictablesounds. What should I do? I do not know. It is simply solid, life. ,,.